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My new knex rifle (edit:) BATTLE RIFLE Answered

I took my bolt action knex rifle, which is one of my favorite guns and up graded it. First i made the magazine better, then i added a stock, frame, true trigger, more authentic bolt action thingy, and a MUCH better handle
pic2-new magazine
pic3-new guide rails for pin=much less friction
I am going to convert it to look more like the battle rifle form halo :)
edit 2/3/08
i have finish my new rifle, it looks very simmlar to the halo battle rifle
i will have a picture soon
edit 2/4/08
i got some pictures of my updated gun
edit 2\16\08
i made a new scope, it works well, like really well, more of a sniper scope
it makes you look down a little to see through, because knex guns' bullets go towards the ground sooner than real guns'
ill post a picture of the new scope soon


hehe this is enbarresing but you'r final version is pretty darn cool

i did it! i built this battle rifle but a couple of thing's i didnt do... 1.i didnt make the true trigger so its a block trigger. 2.i didnt use panels but anyways i MADE IT!!!!!!!

you know i just found out its alittle buildable from pictures

please post this is the only battle rifle on the site (or is there?)


10 years ago

post man... post. even if its not done, you can update it in your instructable. This looks sweet, and im really into making halo guns. I got that one plasma rifle, and it is great :D

Add some connectors along the long rods to make it look more realistic and stable. +1

its stable, but i supose i can do that

In the center of the gun, you should add some more connectors instead of making it see-through with rods.

yeah, you did. i like your mod better. (lol) nice work! +1

that looks awesum!



10 years ago

looks pretty good