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My new laptop won't display certain pages or parts of pages. Answered

I recently got a new HP Envy 6 laptop running 64-bit windows 7, everything worked for a week or two but now the thumbnails that usually have peoples' profile picture won't display on facebook (in the newsfeed,wall,ticker,chat,etc) and i also recently started using twitter for the purpose of following tv shows, certain people,certain groups, etc, and the entire twitter page won't load properly.

I am using chrome but the problem also occurs on Internet Explorer

I've installed the newest 32-bit and 64-bit java and pretty much all the basics (clearing cache,cookies, etc) but it has yet to fix the issue.

Does anyone know a fix for this?. , or atleast perhaps what is used to load these parts, like is it an issue with my java, or flash, or something like that

EDIT: the first image is a screenshot of twitter after logging in (the login screen only sometimes loads properly) and the second is what is in place of the thumbnails on facebook (a similar but different "error icon" appears on IE)


I live on the cusp of good internet service and dead air space.

I see this view/screen shot when the signal is struggling. I restart the (new Verizon 4G) modem and hope the new connection has improved, which it does about 60-70% of the time.

Could your modem be faulty? Maybe your ISP is fickle like mine?

I'm about as far as computer-savvy as a person can be, but this is my best edumacated guess. ;-)

Hope this helps.

lol... "as far as' should read "as far from". ;-)