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My new maze game Answered

Hey guys, I made a maze game for you all, and if you want to try it out, do so now! I made it on powerpoint with hover over action buttons.

Happy halloween!



8 years ago

 Did you try mine out?

 does this work on mac? i have xp too but what do i open it with?


8 years ago

OOOH I love these things, I made one too, wanna see?

Hmmm, I can't seem to find it atm. I think it's on a different computer but which I don't know. If I ever find it I'll let you know lol

Found it! How do you upload them like you did here? Upload it as an image?

 I posted the topic! But Megaupload has just failed, so could you tell me if the link works or you get a NULL error

You can just upload the file directly to Instructables.

 Ah yeah I looked and it was 40mb! I'm uploading it to an online storage thingy but it's been going for aaaaaages. I'll add it as a forum so yeah, you're subscribed to me so you'll know when it comes :)


8 years ago

I hate that!!!!!

Not reading other posts FAIL.

Nah, I did, I just didn't think the screamer part would come up, I expected the other thing.

That was a little glitch that I had.

Wtf?  I beat level 3 fair and square, without touching the lava, and it still says I lose.

You obviously went the wrong way. I'm clever like that. Go the correct way, no cheating ;)

I DID go the correct way.  It won't take me to level 4 when I get to the finish line on Level 3.

You shouldnt get to the lvl 3 finish line without getting the screamer

Ha!  I tricked you into revealing the secret!  But seriously I was going through that problem for a while.

There is no level 4, it just goes straight to you lose after level 3.

its good but all you have to do is click and on level 3 just go along once cliked its easy!!!!

No, do it properly. Its more fun if you do :)

Very Good! How did you make it?

I used "mouse over" action commands to take you to the game over slide.

What version of PowerPoint (minimum) do you need for this?


I have version 2000 and it worked fine for me! 

I have office 2007. I'm going to re-upload it in compatibility mode; I forgot loads of people didnt have vista.

it wont work with my computer

it jut opens up as a powerpoint document and i can see it but not do it properly

Short, but it works


No of course not.
Consider that I have a very small cursor and I can run along the bottom of the screen to the Finish - I'm not hitting the lava.


i have vista and it doesn't work

Go on, try it people!