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My new monitor will work with my computer, but not my laptop, help!!? Answered

When i say new, i mean new-hardly used, i used it a bit before moving and its been locked away a few years up till now.

I got my Asus VW192T monitor out, spent an hour looking for the D-Sub cable which for reasons unknown were packed in a different box, and hooked it up. Immediately my laptop gets acknowledgement of the monitor, and the display mode changes, it now has a second monitor in the screen resolution options, and acording to my laptop, the monitor is working, however, through all of this, the monitor has remained in sleep mode, when i turn it on, it just says no signal.

i spent hours changing settings, and fiddling around in the nVidia control pannel to change my laptop resulotion as well as the asus monitor resolution, restarting the computer each time, but nothing.

I then go get the old packard bell computer, which now is over 14 years old, hooked it up and immediately the monitor is working, so theres nothing wrong there. In the past ive been able to connect my laptop to a mates computer via d-sub port, as it only has d-sub and i havent got a hdmi, it worked fine.

Clueless, i searched for a driver which i perhaps did not have, but as it turns out, no drivers exist for this monitor, so now i am clueless.
Additionally, i cant access any boot menue options in regards to the monitor, like booting in safe mode or anything, because my own laptop monitor goes black until windows has loaded, when the monitor is connected.

can someone please help me out? why wont my monitor work with my laptop?
the laptop is a toshiba qosmio x500, the graphics card is Nvidia GeForce360M, the old packard bell computer has no graphics card.


Does the monitor have both VGA and DVI connectors? Does the monitor automatically detect a signal or do you have to toggle the input manually? Many monitors require you to toggle the input manually. If the monitor is defaulting to DVI from using it on your PC through a DVI cable and your using VGA on your laptop you'll need to toggle the input to analog so the monitor knows where the signal is coming from.

no my old computer doesnt have dvi, i hooked the monitor up to my old computer with the same vga cable as i was using for my laptop.
The monitor does have dvi support and it is possile to switch between vga and dvi when the monitor has a signal, but since its taking vga input it defaults to vga..

Also my operating system is windows 7 premium 64bit , the OS of my old computer is windows XP. I also found out the monitor is a plug and play monitor which has no drivers, so drivers arent the issue.

Operating system?

A lot of laptops have a function key to change mode between LCD screen, LCD screen AND monitor and Monitor alone.

Have a look and see if you can see the icon. Often on function key 4

i tried them just now and still nothing, none of this makes any sense

Does the lap top work with other external monitors MY HP Is fearsomely difficult to get to talk to an external projector. BUT Will after repeated tries.