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My new pic Answered

What do you guys think of my new avatar picture? :)


That looks like a pretty major scar. What's the story there?

it could of course all be done with Photoshop.

nice shirt, like the tat too!

maybe this person is a he she JUST KIDDING LOL

I think it is all beautiful...not to be crass, but I would love to see the ink up close, it looks like really nice work. to be crass, would love to see the ink up close...for other reasons.

Personally, I think the tattoo is way too busy.

. Yeah. It took me a few minutes to notice it. If you look REAL close, it's just below her bellybutton. heehee

I didn't know that you were a girl.

eep! I checked the link to FreakCitySF's web page and it says he's male.

That means he's persuaded somebody to "dress" and pose like that.

or maybe he has a very very feminine body...


10 years ago

Sorry, but no comment.

Well than what do you call that?

Is that your mom? :D I also think the tattoo is a little crazy, but a nice body.

Can't see tiddly little version, clicks on it, spills coffee