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My new semi-auto RBG Answered

This is my new semi-automatic, true trigger RBG. Normally nothing new. But this one can take twice the amount of rubberbands. Thanks to some creative use of a red gear ( I'm aware I didn't use an actual red gear, that's because I didn't have any. So I sliced the pegs of a yellow gear ) This actually started as a mod for Dsman1's RBG, but it turned out to be something different. It still uses the system that is somewhat his, of a red gear turning a blue gear. It can take 15+ rubberbands without tearing itself apart ( Nearly does though ;). My record is about 18 or 19 rubberbands on it. The reliability isn't 100%, because there is an uneven amount of pits in a red gear (33), which are divided by 4 stages. So it's hard to get a good pattern for the rubber bands to shoot of. This basicly means that sometimes it either won't shoot, or it will shoot 2 rubberbands at once. I don't know if this is a problem with an actual red gear though, since my altered yellow is far from perfect. Do you want me to post it, or is there no demand for a new RBG?


yes post it it look cool

Yeah, because he has it after a year...

I posted this before there was a K'nex section, so that's why it's in the wrong place.

then where is the instructable for it?

I didn't post this, obviously. It kind of sucked anyway, and there are better RBG's then this now.

i have been mentioned!!!!!


10 years ago


Looks like I am fulfilling that law Weissensteinburg. In other words yes go ahead and post it. Looks better, and probably works better, than any other gear RBG.

Ok, so that's one vote for me posting it, as it's indeed unique ;)