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My pc Speakers make a buzzing noise? Answered

My speakers have always made a weird noise it is more of a patting noise. And it really gets on my nerves when I try to listen to music and the noise is louder then my music? I know it is not a louse wire because I opened up the speakers and checked all the wires. But the  weirds part is when my cell phone is beside the speakers, if someone sent me a text my speakers will make a loud buzzing noise before my cell phone even rings?
The are just basic speakers made by CA. Some one please help :)



Quercus austrina

Best Answer 8 years ago

It is the RF interference from your phone (as Burf said and aelias36 and Re-design seconded). You should hear something like "dit di dit dit dit dddddddddddddd" when a call is coming in. This is your cell phone transmitting to the cell tower. You will also hear similar "dit di dit dit dit's" on occasion when the phone checks to see if it is still near a cell tower.

The quickest way to solve the problem is to move the phone away from the computer. You may have to move it to another room.

I have several computers in the same room, and the one with the really cheap speakers is affected the same way. They even buzz when the phone is in an adjacent room.

You can try to shield the speaker's amp section, but my guess is that the cord is also substandard and is susceptible to RF interference also.


frollardQuercus austrina

Answer 8 years ago


If its a constand hum (50 or 60 hz, the sound fluorescent lights or many arc welders make) it's interference from mains voltage. There could be many sources or solutions, but its generally down to how crap the speaker's actual filtering/amplifying circuit is.

The cel phone blip blip blip is indeed the tower saying 'I have a call for you', then the phone handshaking back and forth a bunch of info (not important to this discussion) - but its transmitted at the strongest the little antenna in your phone can transmit, and gsm puts out a frequency that is (either raw or modulated in the audible range) is loud and obnoxious -- since it's being transmitted at the phone's maximum strength it is thus picked up quite well by the wires in audio equipment.

If it's constant static or noise there are 3 possible culprits:
-computer motherboard spitting out noise (mine does that, but only audible when wearing headphones)
-background noise all around us with insufficient filtering in the speaker amp
-crappy amp that just spits out noise because speakers are cheap

Solutions in almost all of the above: get better speakers.


8 years ago

It may be RF interference. Try moving your speakers to a different location. If that doesn't help you may need to find the offending device and shield it.


Answer 8 years ago

Sounds like the answer to me also.