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My phun created Ak-47, SMG, and blender... Answered

ok, so i just got phun, and while i was bored, i made this fruit blender.

and then i made an Ak-47
and then i made an SMG

both are fully automatic, and phun to play with.

here are the pics, and files, but be sure to convert the scene files from .tmp to .phn, so that they will work...


can someone tell me the converter i need to use i cant find any converter on the internet, i,m new whit phun.

type my name in my l8test creation is a vending machine with 3 flavors of cans

the maps come up as tmp files when downloaded :(

that seems very phun indeed!


9 years ago

just say yes in the dialog that comes up

um, "yes"? I don't see a "yes", but I figured out another way anyhow.

no, just rename it to have a .phn at the end instead of a .tmp, that should fix it...

yeah, that works too, but you can just rename it... NOW POST THE FILES!!!!!!!!!

Say I were to change my motoCycle.tmp file to .phn. If I just highlight it and change the name to "motoCyle.phn, it perceives this entire thing as the name and adds the file extension on the end. The end result would be "MotoCycle.phn".tmp... I don't know if this is just my computer's way of taunting me or what.

hahahhaa, maybe it's your computer, because when i do that, i check the properties, and it says phn file...

btw, it's great i changed the colors of the bike, it's great, and the shotgun is good...

Thanks, the shotgun has room for improvement, and I put pens ALL over the bike for that cool smeared time-elapse effect when it's moving.

No, I redid it and saved it as another file for myself. You can have it if you want...


ok, cool, i was hoping you would, lol, i forgot to ask you to make one yourself, i've been too busy making mah coil gun and watching movies, but anyways, thanks, hey have you been using real pics?

Yeah I use real pictures to get the basic shape, then modify it to my own preferences.

So I'm almost done the humvee, just gotta get the suspension in with the wheels and test drive it.

woah, i like how the engine and soldiers pop out, that was a nice touch, lololol, but could you LIEK PRETTEH PLEHZ make the wheels go farther out than the frame? that way, they can climb over anything, and won't get stuck... also... YOU SHOULD LIEK TOTALLEH MAIKE A LIEK BATMOBILE, LIEK FROM TEH DARK KNIGHT, AND THE BATPOD MOTORCYCLE, LIEK YA!

Haha, the wheels ARE lower than the frame, or it would look stupid. You can't just move the wheels lower yourself? And I'll think about the batmobile.

wait, i said farther out, not lower, because normal car's frames hit obstacles before the wheel, that's why special cars have the wheels way out in front, just like the batmobile.


uhhh... well... i... you're better... lol, i'm lazy, yeah, i'll do it sometime... i keep thinking about making a pinball machine, that would be the best...

Cool, mind posting a few for us to try out?

Ok,a .zip of a pack will be uploaded soon.