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My phun creations Answered

Hi this is Knex_Gun_Builder showing you my many phun creations! Feel free to put your phun creations here to p.s if you download my files than change the end of it to phn. intead of tmp.


This forum is a good idea, I might do one of these.

I know this is an old comment, but seeing that you are a phun expert, how do you take screenshots?


8 years ago

When I click on the fruit blender it sends me to a bunch of crap like all the data or something

You're probably left clicking. You should right click and click on "save target as", then save it to your desktop and edit its properties from tmp to phn, then drag it over to your phun window, and it should work.

Does phun cost money? Aww

How do I download them?

right click then look for save target then click save, then find where you saved it and get rid of the .tmp and put .phn in instead then just drag the file on top of the phun icon and let go.


9 years ago

My creation pwns your creations.
This creation is not all mine, it was made by a collab that I was a part of. I made the skin for it.

Uhh, can't see pics, embed vids please? Or give links?