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PNG pictures dont show up Answered

I just published a new instructable and when I click on some of the pictures its just a black square, and some of them shows a black background with white lines when it should be vise versa. 


I've had this problem with .png files, what type of files did you use?

Just convert them to gif's or jpg's and you problem is solved.

What did nothing? The program? I've never tried it, I usually use gimp or photoshop. Do you have one of them?

Yes, I was talking about the program, I copied all of my pictures that were PNG into the program and when I clicked covert they were all still PNG. What do you mean?

Thank you! I had seen this effect occasionally, but had no idea of the cause. I wonder why the PNG format causes problems?

It's a problem with the transparent background. Apparently they are being converted into gifs and the converter interprets the background as black… Non transparent .png are working fine.

If you want Staff to be able to address your problems efficiently, you should provide the URL of your Instructable. If they have to waste their time searching for it, then they are going to spend that time doing more productive things. Please edit the text to include the URL.

I see the problem you're reporting (and it's more than just lack/white inversion). Hopefully Staff can figure out what's going on and resolve it.