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My power outlet cut out!? Answered

I was sitting at my pc desk browsing the net when my lamp started to flicker.  I looked up and my power meter on my laptop switched to battery power, I have an almost certian feeling it was not an overload.  I have tried to reset my GFI, and nothing :|.  Help meh!


The GFI outlet is not just a breaker; there are electronics inside
of it. So it's possible that the outlet is bad because a component inside it failed.

Don't worry, we fixed it. The GFI is broken too :P
But we fixed it :)

If your electric outlet is old they get worn out eventually. Does the plug fit snugly into the outlet? If it doesn't fit snugly, then it could loose contact occasionally and the lamp would flicker (plugged into the same MULTI-outlet).

Does your laptop power from different outlets?

Lots of breakers aren't GFI -- are there any other fuses in the circuit?