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Killerjackalope's shop... Answered

Well I read the rules of the forum first and decided it would be sensible to post my cafepress shop and products, simply because most of them are fun or vaguely related to my projects (extra points for guessing right)

Also I am now desperately looking for money due to some bad events in the short term, never worry I'll get back on my feet but have a look, here are the current products.

The Beartrap thong
'Ive got a rocket in my pocket' T-shirt
'Sold out' T-shirt
The orange fractal T-shirt

Here you go

Photos of the products are below, nobody likes being made to go to a site to see products they might or might not like, hopefully you do.

If I missed the whole point of the rule I'll take it all back but I think this is about right...


*shudders* The thong makes me nervous...


10 years ago

I might have to get that rocket one...