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My profile picture is lame. Help me be less lame, win 5 years pro membership! Answered

I’m looking for an avatar/logo/awesome little chunk of artwork to represent me on Instructables and other places such as YouTube and my blog. I’m not very good with the whole art/drawing/creative logo thing so I need your help in making a recognizable symbol that I can love and cherish for years to come. I’ve seen some great stuff produced by Instructables members so I’m hoping you guys can work your magic on my avatar/logo/awesome little chunk of artwork.

Some criteria:
-I should be able to “remix” it easily by being able to switch out what it’s holding, changing the colors, add different headgear to it, etc.

-I would like a simple, cartoon style logo. Though your intricate details and shading skills may be amazing, they sadly don’t have a place in my avatar/logo/awesome little chunk of artwork.

-I would prefer if it didn’t have any words.

-All work needs to be your own. I have the same Google as you and don't need you pulling stuff from there for me. 

Some other members who have great examples of this are Kiteman (of course), monsterlego, and even the Instructables Robot himself (check out the Food, Outside, and Technology categories)

Right now I’m thinking an octopus could be a cool thing because it has a lot of tentacles and it could represent the diverse projects I like to do but I’m open to any designs. You can check out my profile and Instructables that I’ve posted to come up with your own idea but I don’t necessarily want a logo that represents only LEGO or origami unless if it has a lot of potential for general use.

I’m Here to Help
If you have an idea but want to run it by me before taking the time to make it, just leave a comment and I’ll let you know what I think. Also, if you post a design I’ll leave a comment and let you know if there’s anything you can do to improve it and/or what I especially like about it. Any other questions that weren’t answered here are completely welcome as well.

If your design is selected as the winner, you will receive a quantity of five (5) 1 Year Pro Memberships to Instructables. I will need a file of the design before the prize is awarded. The design will become my property, I will have all rights to it, and I will be able to use it in any way that I like, including altering it. Pretty much you will have bragging rights and 5 years worth of membership but the design will be mine.


I'll make one, and post it here soon.


that's my entry How am I doing?

Hehehe I love it! The bar has definitely been set :) I really like that you showed examples of how I could "remix" it too.

I'm kind of a stickler when it comes to OCTOpus having 8 tentacles though, is there a way that you can add two more in there?

I tried to add 8 tentacles so I've included the new 8 armed OCTOpus with the old ones

heres the instructable (again O_o)


Awesome, I'm choosing this for the winner. I'll send you a private message soon. Thanks for entering :)