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Instructables in Popular Science magazine Answered

My Bungee Bazooka along with crreed's Grappling Hook Launcher were noticed by the folks at Popular Science magazine, and they published snippets about both projects in the March 2012 issue (page 66). Here they are at popsci.com.

I thought this was awesome!


DANGIT! i had an idea very similar to this just yesterday.... your idea is much more refined tho....

granted. but i didnt see it till then. so it was new to me. also made mine rather pointless. not to mention i havn't finished the design in my head yet.... (tends to prevent me from ever making anything, that. i should just start on something and work it out as i go...)

Nice work!

Congratulations! They did a little blurb like that on my proton pack for their Halloween issue last year. It feels really cool to have something you've created actually get put into print!

Well done :D I've yet to have anything put in print, just blogs, I'd imagine it's quite exciting!


6 years ago


Veerryyy nice - Congratulations!

Outstanding, well done!

Woo hoo! Congratulations, that is extremely awesome :-) I hope they sent you a dozen or so free issues to give to your friends!