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My ps2 controller stopped functioning properly? Answered

The controller works like new for about an hour and then the left anilog stick starts sticking to the left but still releases fine. (update now It is sticking all the time)


where do you live Alaska go to game stop or where ever games and game accessories are sold and buy a new one (or was this a rhetorical question)

You posted a while ago, but.. I don't know what kind of controller it is, but you can calibrate the joysticks of a Logitech controller by removing on battery, then holding L1 and R1 while re inserting it.

If you can, you might want to re-calibrate the analog sticks. that should solve your problem.

If it is even possible, there might be a function in the bios that would do just that. (NOTE: I am speculating only. I have never owned a PS2, so I don't know for sure.)