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My radio in my 2011 mitsubishi lancer has stopped working even when pluged into th factory harness. How do i fix it? Answered

all that I know is that the radio doesnt even light up and stopped working after i put a signal conferter on the out put lines to connect a subwoofer. i connected it exactly how the instructions told me to do


If you're lucky, there may be an in line fuse, or an internal fuse, inside the radio chassis. Short of those things, get a new radio.

Great stuff -- also, could be the anti-theft device on your radio -- when it detected it was removed there might be a sequence of keypresses or 'hold this while powering on' - then enter a code, etc.

Anti-theft? On a stock OEM radio? How could this be?

yes. my bmw 325i, land rover freelander, ford contour, buick regal, buick lesabre, all required you to enter a 4 digit code on the number pad when the power was cut -- had to get the code from the dealership with proof of ownership. Not sure if my mazda mx-5 needs it yet, because I haven't let it die all the way.

Let me ask. The radio would require you to enter the code a time the power was removed. I.e. A busted fuse, removing the battery terminal, or disconecting the radio from the factory harness?

I have a second question. In the dashboard there is a small ribbon cable that connects the radio to the hazard lights for some strange reason. The cable has been removed several times. In not entirely sure what it does or what it's importance is. Would it be possible for the cable to be damaged and therefore not allow the entire radio to stop working? And if so couldn't I still control I
The radio with the steering wheel controls? I was a able to get it to somewhat work once before. I'm not sure how but all I know is that none of the buttons worked but they lit up. The screen did not. I was able to control the radio with the steering wheel controls. That was the last time it worked and I don't know how I got it to do that

If the deck has had several degrees of failure one after another it tells me something is going horribly wrong. The screen/buttons is usually integral to the entire unit, them not working means something internal is really not happy.

Would it by any chance have anything to do with the new wire harnesses signal converter? And if that's the case I have a dead radio since its plugged into the factory harness and still doesn't work right?

Always a possibility, check the fuses? Check the power wires incoming to see if they have any juice.

I haven't checked the wires hut I have checked the fuses. The ones with the music note symbol to mark the radio fuses. They are just fine. I didn't check the wires because they fuses were good. I just assumed that had power. Is all hope lost for this system?

not til you check if it is still getting power -- there might be a more hidden inline fuse, or one in the deck.

That's what I feared. I've disconnected the battery terminal, busted a fuse, and removed the radio from the factory harness. I've never had to put in a code before. Also even if I did have to put in a code wouldn't the buttons still light up when the headlights are turned on?

Sounds good to me. Also you might check the pins on the back of the radio. Since you've been plugging and unplugging it you may be lucky and have a bent pen.

No. The pins are in fact too. Is there anything else I can try

No. As far as my knowledge goes the fuses are all in tact