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My school is hosting a 1-day Student Council Conference with the theme "Art". Any ideas? Answered

Well, the conference is next November and I want to take it in a modern art/tech direction. I am thinking along the lines of the Wire map project and those hanging LED modules that twinkle when cell phones go off. It's a large brick building with yellow tiled walls. Any ideas?


I like you idea about tech. I am not really into that much tech art but I do appreciate it. I am constantly irritated at myself for not taking graphics classes while in school. I am more into photography, pottery, and paintings. Now to help you a bit more... Maybe consider doing something that defies gravity. That was one of my favorite projects in school. And you can use your ideas with the cell phones and led lights in with that. Maybe someone can chime in and help put the two concepts together into one really awesome project for you. I will stay tuned to this and see what comes up. IF I think of anything extra good I will post.

My daughter the artist thinks the best work is inter-active with the audience. Your LED/Cell phone idea sounds good. Maybe something with twitter or whatever will be germane come November. Photoshop'd pictures of local people/scenes is a tool my niece the photographer uses. She also displays them at odd angles and such to challenge the viewer to recognize the person/location. Hope this helps.

This is the wrong answer. I should know as my wife's degree is in art and my sister is majoring in art. I would do something incredibly bizarre. Maybee a plie of melted barbie dolls on a camoflauge background, or a pile of bandaids covered in mayonaise, or a bowl of oranges with a little pile of cat vomitus on top. Hey you could even do all three in a series. Anyway, the most important thing is to act all cool and aloof when others don't "get it". Say things like, "What was I supposed to expect from this group." or "Van Gogh had it easy!". And when the men in nice white coats show up, tell them "This is no way to treat Archimedes! Don't you know who I am? My father was Andy Warhol!". Like I said, this is the WRONG answer.

i think i have fallen in love with you based solely on that reply

Thanks. I'll point this question out to my wife who might could give you a real (read culturally acceptable) answer. I definitely could've gone into art. The poverty brought on by my creations would inspire me to drink copious amounts of red wine, thus making the art even better (worse?). But then again two starving artists is all my family can handle. If we had more than that, I'm afraid my parents would disown us, and my children would choose ignoble careers like high finance or politics to compensate for their upbringing.