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My secondary for knex wars (Jackal v4) Answered


I will NOT post the gun. Don't ask. However, I will be nice and get more pictures/closeups of the gun tomorrow so you can build off of that.

This is my own oodammo pistol. Its not as generic as the others out there, because its the first one to have a slide. The slide can pull back more force that it looks like it can, because of a simple 3 part mechanism in there. It also comes with better ROF, but I haven't done tests as to how fast it can shoot yet.

The gun also comes with a new (Well u8mycookies on KI made it first, but I made mine without looking at his. BTW, Darth Gecko Man can go sod off.) removable mag (Well, I have never seen it done before anyways.), it holds 8 shots and can be preloaded and stored in pockets for knex wars.

Its pretty powerful, even with one band, I haven't done proper range tests yet, but I think it can shoot 40 feet with one band. I've been shooting this in my parent's bedroom, and it can hit the wall and return 5 feet from my position. 2 times the ammo has returned to my position broken in half.

Credit goes to zak for trigger and handle.

EDIT- I have had some complaints that the mag isn't mine. I made my mag without looking at the one on KI, I never knew it existed until today, and I DO NOT GO LOOK AT KI SH*T ANYMORE. Now with that taken care of, if you still have a problem, go away and don't come back.



Invitation accepted. TheDunkis' slide action oodassault pistol beta v3.0 (lol long enough name much?) and like 85% original as far as I know. It doesn't have removable magazines but you could easily mod it to have them or at least extend the magazine. First thing you'll notice is that it's very compact even for a slide action. Secondly, the handle is comfortable--to me anyways. The trigger blocks approx. within the slot of the yellow connector connected to the red at the end of the slide. Understood all of that? Anyways yeah that's about it for now. Good luck with yours, DJ.


you should totally post that or if not ill try to build from pics.

DJ is posting his ain't he? Not really much to post mine then. Plus I don't know if the KIer's will care for it. I'll think about it.

Wow, the future was the exact opposite of what you predicted. I ended up destroying my gun and you ended up posted a heavily modded version of yours.

Please post a few pics at least. It looks really nice. Comfy + nice and small. Please?

I already got rid of the slide and it performs a lot better. I just need to come up with a better magazine. I still want to either make the front flip out or have it use removable magazines so it's easier to load. I will consider it once I accomplish one of those. But yes I would consider this far greater than my other oodammo pistol.

Sounds good. BTW: How is it size-wise compared to your oodassault?
It seems a bit larger, but it's hard to tell.

Well It's more compact without the slide first off. It's about the same size but it's a 5 layered gun this time to make it more durable. It's definitely smaller than all of the guns using the tall rectangular barrels. I'll get a picture after school today. I finished a flip out mag though I'm not sure if I'll keep it with it being too close to the MeZak.

Yeah sorry but my parents must have taken the SD card and USB port converter so I can't upload any pictures. I'll try finding it ASAP.

Hmmmmm. Find it yet?
I know I'm a nuisance. =p

I found my SD card but not the to USB converter so give me awhile. My parents could have put in anywhere. I'm working on a sort of new ammo that shoots shot so now not only is it an oodammo pistol but it is also a repeating shotpistol.

No, not at all. It has about 8 small "pellets" and the holder for them. I haven't tested them much but they appear to get decent spread but still retain a good amount of accuracy. I still need to see if I can use more than on in a magazine without something going wrong.

Ok. Good luck. I'm going to take this gun apart now.

Ok, sounds cool. What's the new ammo?

Make sure to keep us updated. And bug your parents about it.

Mag that flips out, now where have I heard that before...

I will post the gun, but after I change the handle of the gun. It is terribly uncomfortable, and unoriginal as well.

Those last two un- words normally don't go together...

It turns out I put the Y connectors on the handle on wrong. I put em on right, and its much more comfy.

Yeah I will mod it at the very least.

Slide action go bye bye. It's better off without it. Now I just gotta redo the magazine.

Now my gun is the only oodammo gun to have a slide because you took yours off.

So? I proved I could make one and possibly better. I can always put it back if I wanted to. I don't post things here and the KIers don't care much for slides so I'm going to add features that do matter and attempt making it as good as the MeZak.

I don't see why they don't care much for slides. Some of them made slam fire TR18's. And I tried modding the handle, it wrecked the performance of the gun. The ram would get stuck, even when I pulled the trigger.

Yeah, due to trying to use another handle with my trigger. 6gun trigger would work though lol.

wow, its kinda magic. As soon as you said that, I tried firing my gun again, without mods, and your trigger started to fail.

Pictures of 6gun trigger? I can't tell from one picture.

Um, no. Lol at my entry for contest.

Well, All I really need is a closeup. All I see your 6gun in is your arsenal pictures.

Those are full sized weapons though. That actually helps the rate of fire. A slide doesn't provide a greater advantage than wihtout. Generally you wouldn't waste ammo on a pistol especially with a low mag cap anyways. Side arms are side arms and if it came down to me needing to use it I'd be running away and taking carefully aimed shots.

The gun I show has mags that are compact and can fit more than 1 in an average pocket, and it has fast mag reload times. So it has extended fire.

But it can't hold any power, and the slide is floppyfloppy. And it can't be held how people like to hold top slides.

what do you mean by "it can't hold any power"? If you are talking about the slide, I made a little internal add-on that makes it stronger. I can't do anything to help the "Floppyfloppy" part, and I don't get your last statement.

His still looks better. Although I would need to see tests.

I agree. I mainly like slides just for the looks and glory of making something slide aciton. My gun could combine the slide together with the slide rails to basically make a reenforced barrel. That's what I did for the very base design of this gun I made like a week ago. It was just a mini-slinger at that point. I also found out that it might make a decent P90 magazine lol. Ugh...blurry.


Ok, I know I'm the worst person in the world when it comes to this could you please show us a couple more pics of that?
I'm sorry I say that about just about everything. But this looks really cool.

Darth gecko man told me to do this, so I want to ask you if its allright with you if I use your ZLG trigger for the posted version? I couldn't get any other triggers to work, so yours was a last resort. The posted version will use a different handle if you are wondering.

As long as the necessary credit is given, why not... Although people could make them off those pics. Lol, and my 6gun trigger>zlg trigger.

Well, I tried modding your handle, It didn't end well.

sure, I will give you credit. That handle will be changed. Oh, and I made an original mag for the gun, that holds 14 shots, it exploded in my face, so I changed it back.

The slide makes the pin easier to pull back IMO. Plus you were in rapid fire mode, we pull the trigger every time we pull the slide back.


8 years ago

Is this the gun that used all of your yellow connectors?

All but 2, as a correction.

Really? WOW. I could probably make 2.

I could too, If I removed the slide and made this gun 3 layers thick.