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My shower radio barely picks up any radio stations. It has an internal antenna. How do I boost reception to get more? Answered

I bought a standard shower radio, but once I take it into my bathroom it doesn’t pick up any stations. It’s a Conair SR9, with no external antenna. Is there a way to add an antenna or boost it so that I can pick up more stations?


I got it open, but i an not positive what part is the antenna or what is the best way to enhance it.  I am including a picture, is the copper coil extending around the outside the antenna?  Should i get a longer cord antenna and attach it?  Is there a shape or pattern that enhances reception? Or should I try to find a compact antenna and install it inside the case? 

I have tried moving it all around and get no reception.  I am looking to open it up and make some modifications. 

Your going to have to open it. Mine a wire antennae wrapped around the inside of the casing. If you can open it without damaging the seal just notch a groove and unwrap the wire and extend it outside the case. Mine worked great when I did this and wrapped the wire around the pipe of the shower head. Oh and make sure to put some silicone around the notch you cut out or the humidity will build up inside the radio and ruin it VERY FAST.


8 years ago

Have you tride changing its orientation while in the shower?  Most of those internal radio antennas are not very powerful,  particularly for FM stations and just rotating them in the right direction will help its reception.
Tune it to the station you want to listen to before taking it into the shower and try rotating it slowly and see if you can pick it up then. Many times, less than one quarter turn will make a big difference.

Putting it on a different wall may also help.

Yes, but it would involve taking it apart. How easy is it to get it open?