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My sister needs something better than windows movie maker, anybody have suggestions? Answered

My sis is having lots of issues with WMM, does anybody know of any free alternatives (that are legit)?
(BTW, shes running vista with not much RAM)


vista with not much ram is problem number one...

Depends on the type of editing you want to do. Virtualdub and VirtualdubMod can cut and splice videos, recode to different codecs, and remaster video. If you want to do fancy transitions then you need a program like Adobe Premiere (not free) or apple Final Cut Pro (also not free).

Lots of camcorders these days come with a lite version of some editing software.

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All she needs is something that can add audio tracks to video/picture clips, simple Youtube stuff. No fancy editing necessary.
It seems she did her homework and found out about Premier, now shes using it.

Premiere is capable of studio quality output -- there's a plugin for everything.