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My son pulled out the game cartridge from his NDS Lite w/o pushing it in first to release it. Answered

Bending the prongs and now the system won't read the any game cartridges. What to do?



That sounds pretty bad. The prongs you mentioned that got bent, are they inside the DS? It sounds like the connectors that read the game are the ones that got bent to me.

I would try carefully taking the DS apart to see if you can get to the part that is messing up. Once it is apart, there are two things that could be wrong:

1. He bent a few of the connectors that read the games. Carefully using a needle or thin pliers, you could bend them back to match the others if it is just one or two connectors that are bent. (If all of them are bent, I don't think this would work)

2. He may have ripped the game reader part off of the circuit board. If this is the case, you could try re-soldering it. But this kind of damage is normally very hard to fix.

I do have a question, does the GameBoy Advanced slot still work? If so, he can be limited to playing slightly older games. The GameBoy Advanced has a lot of great games and you can fins many on Ebay and in Game Stop (or stores like it) for about $5.

 wow i did not know that was possible but anyway you should place and replace a game until it works my guess it would eventually work

Weird, I do that all the time and it does nothing.

Could you describe it a bit more, or post a picture, if possible? I had a similar problem that I managed to fix, but it might not work, depending on just how bad it is. But chances are, you'll have to replace it...

If its his, leave it that way for a few months. Very good lesson in action/reaction.

You'd have to buy a replacement part online. It'd be very complicated, you might have to pay to get it fixed, or buy a new one.