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My stitches (Don't look if you don't like blood or messy pics!) Answered

I got hurt pretty bad :P Sunday January something, I cut myself with a knife soooo... lol here's some pics .


Pfft, that's nothing. I've got stitches.......ON MY HEAD!

No, seriously. I was about 5. I climbed onto a chair and I fell. My head hit a solid metal pole. My dad said I blacked out and was unconscious for about a minute. I have a permanent scar to this day.

I'm not doubting you, its just funny how you said "ON MY HEAD!" =P

It actually didn't hurt all that much but the sound of dog teeth on bone made me piss my pants.

Ya i know.

Hahahaha ouch what dog was it?

I can't remember it happened about 11 or 12 years ago. All i really remember is the sound of teeth hitting bone and getting stitches at the band-aid station.

Ehe, yeah accidents happen ya know?

Kudos for thinking to take photos whilst being treated, but how the heck did you cut yourself like that?

I know, I was just thinking.... men, one of the few creatures that will mutally injure themselves and whilst rushing to the emergency room and trying not to get blood everywhere will go out of their way to get a camera so they can take pictures of the mess LOL

I'm a teenage female and I would take pictures! XD it's a good job I'm not scream-ish! Haha!

lol, sorry for the sweeping generilization

I actually did that when I sliced open my thumb last time.

Happy to, and on top of that I got a cute doctor (its a pity she was already engaged, I would have asked her out)

Haha I had my iPod with me :)

Cool =) I should have taken pictures of when that happened to me.

Yeah, I guess at the time I wasn't thinking about how I was going to show off my "battle wounds" on cyberspace.

What's up with the new profile image?

I was cutting paper kinda like a swipe XD but I guess I missed so... :P

Nice slice dude. I've also filleted my fingers more times than I can count, in fact the last one I did was when a razor blade slipped off my work piece and into my thumb. It bled a bunch, took forever to heal since it wouldn't stay closed and it's STILL numb at the tip. Have fun!

Yeah, it really is, it's kinda like doing it to someone else but you can still slightly feel it.

Your deeper nerves are intact, but your surface ones are shot. I tore a chunk out of my elbow falling off my bike years ago and i still cant feel anything there on the surface.

It actually didn't hurt at all, which was weird. I started to yell, but realised it didn't hurt and stopped.

Haha yeah it doesn't hurt that bad because your nerves in that area get cut.

But after it heals you can touch it and it feels so cool! :-P

I have a one and a half inch scar on my wrist that happened when I was eight. I fell on a broken bottle and it went straight in. It was fortunate that my mum left the piece of glass in and put towels over it till we got to the hospital, only problem is it looks like I tried to slit my wrist as it's very close to the vein.

:-O you are lucky! You could have died.

I was cutting paper kinda like a swipe XD but I guess I missed so... :P

Ouch. I've accidentally stabbed myself to the bone in my finger with a box cutter while fidgeting with it. Thankfully it wasn't a huge rip like yours seems to be, but a straight puncture.

Just cut my wrist open on a metal rod I was cutting. Burning wounds shut doesn't work that well if you don't get the flame close enough.

Yeah. Thankfully, it healed up pretty damn fast.


7 years ago

I hope that you included this injury in whatever I'ble you were working on at the time... I burnt myself with a soldering iron and incorporated it into an I'ble

anyway ... atleast the last picture looks like the finger has a smiley face on it.... if not a slightly maniacle nightmare before christmas one!

I hope it heals well for you mate... I'm terrible for cutting myself in the line of stupidity/I'bleility Infact I VERY nearly stabbed myself in the chest with my craft knife when cutting the plastic for my recent I'ble...

But if your going to do something you may as well do it propperly... welldone