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My surround sound system wont stay on. What's wrong with it? Answered

I have a Sharp sd-at1000 surround sound reciever, and while trying to hook up a speaker(front left if that matters) it sparked and turned off. Now when I turn it on it says "Hello" on the lcd and stays on for about 1 second before turning back off. From what I've found through research it seems to be a output transistor. Does this sound right? Looking at the circuit board I couldnt find anything that looked bad. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 4 years ago

Something is damaged for sure but i doubt there will be any visual indication as to what part got damaged. Fixing it would require long hours of troubleshooting and testing of various thing just to narrow it down to a single section of the board that might be affected. Really it's not worth the effort when in the end it may be more complicated than a single bad component. You would be better off replacing the system.


Answer 4 years ago

Good thing I only spent $10 on it at a thrift store. Thanks for your help!