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My time at Instructables HQ... Answered

.. was boring.
There was nothing to do, Eric talked to much, they were so lazy...
Eric wouldn't even let me see the laser cutter!



Instructables HQ was one of the best days of MY LIFE!
It was so awesome.

I got to laser engrave my phone and Flip Video camera, I got to take pictures with Eric, Christy.
I met and talked to Tim Anderson, I met and talked to Patrik as well.

They gave me like two HUGE sheets of the rectangle robot stickers, and the circle ones.
That's about 350 stickers.

I got to check out the tower, Christy gave me and my brother each shirts from last years 2007 Halloween contest.

It was so awesome.
Everything will be in detail with images and stuff in my Slideshow that will probably be posted today.

So you guys will just have to wait.
I will post a comment on this that says "It's up!" and then you can check it out if you like.



10 years ago

How'd you get in?

Went to Yosemite, then San Francisco for Spring Break. Just asked if I could stop by, they said okay.

Wow! It'll be hard for me, considering I'm in DC...


10 years ago


Hope you had fun! Aren't those sticker rolls cool?!

Yeah! I bet you had to cut those... :P "Now Billy won't have to cut those all.", said Christy at the HQ yesterday. ;-)

- click print - wait exactly one hour and 10 minutes - sheet cut on printer - cut in half, then quarters - lay it out on table, and use razer to cut the rectangle stickers into rows of 12, and the circles into rows of 14 - use scissors to cut the rows into individual stickers - repeat - repeat - repeat ::sobs:: - repeat x2000 Sorry, I just finished getting through a very large sticker order. Since we will not have access to our large sticker making baby, we had to print out as many stickers as possible. I spent two hours a few days ago, finishing up all the sheets we had printed.

You know you get guillotines that cut full A1 size pages... We had one, it would drastically cut the effort in this, also I think a hand cranked strip cutter could be made easily enough... A few cogs and gears, handcrank and a pair of scissors modified...

I was cutting the stickers yesterday and today, and Billy, I know how you feel...

Yus :D BTW: The gap is there because they only printed 110 stickers. (Why they printed 110 stickers is beyond me...)


good quality spary paint, not the 1 dollar walmart crap, go for the 5 dollar Fusion plastic paint..

beilieve it or not, i painted my case with krylon spray paint. and i didnt make tape guides either. now im working on the leds part. then i can do the bezel mods, the control pannel, meteor lights ... add an 8800 ultra ... custom made lcd hopefully ....

I'm so going there someday...if eric will let me

Well if he doesn't you can always gatecrash and write an Instructable about it. =)

Haha! "How to break into instructables headquarters"

Well not break in, because it wouldn't be malicious.... xD

Are you anywhere nearby? If so, definitely plan to come to the Maker Faire in San Mateo, two weeks from now (May 3&4).

Eric, Christy, and the rest of the Instructables crew will be there, plus tons of other really cool people and stuff - not to be missed!

*sigh* I wish I was...I'm about 2200 miles away...THANKS for telling me how COOL it'll be! (jk :))

Well, guess you should have gone to the one in Austin TX in October then - that one should be at least a thousand miles closer... Don't worry, we'll make sure to tell you how much it sucked afterwards, so you'll be glad you didn't go. ;-)

Alameda, California.

Around San Francisco.
It's changing though.

I shall say no more.

I hope they are moving closer to me - I guess they have to, they can't get much farther away than they already are!

Why move at all then? If you can't move closer to me then don't bother!:)

I assume there will be an official announcement some time soon - wouldn't want to steal their thunder...

And yes, there even is an Instructable about that! :-D

I think it's an excellent idea, especially in terms of instructicity... that would make a very famous 'ible, written on toliet paper...

No, chrome plating is a very specialised process involving chemicals such as cyanide amongst others.

damn. at least i know now why PWC stopped chrome plating parts unless they have to. can i plate aluminum? or is it only copper? and i dont suppose you can plate a plastic part, can you?

Lol, I'm at least 15 hours away from Texas by car. We went there once...be sure to tell me how you got sunburn and it was boring and expensive and I should be glad I didn't go! :)

I did notice on the Maker Faire bulletin board that they are trying to reach out to other communities, and that there are already some regional groups like Make:Philly and Make:NYC. If I did my triangulation right, that's not a huge improvement for you, but at least it's promising...

Hmm... just found a few new features that might be of use to you on the Make Community webpage. There's Make Maps, listing MAKE-friendly shops, other makers and places across the country (well, world actually). They also seem to have a nice calendar of other events going on. Did you know about the Bent Festival in Minneapolis, May 1-3, for example?

Thanks for the links! There are a few events that are closer than ones in CA and TX, they look neat.

Woah! Lucky duckiness!!! What are you doing reading this comment?? Get that slideshow up!!!

I am not jealous nor do I ever wish to go there nor do I ever wish to do everything you just did...


from an engineering standpoint, what you said is the second thing on the list of blatant lies, rivaled only by: im not jealous of tech-kings cool computer with side panel that he painted without an airbrush.

instructable case modd.jpginstructable case modd.jpg

You're definitely not proud of yourself...