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My toshiba tv has a black square in the middle of the picture how do I get rid of it ? Answered



If the problem is not picture-in-picture, (as thegeeke mentioned), then its likely the "closed captioning" option; so locate a button called "CC" or "caption" and it should turn it off.

It was the closed captioning, Thanks for the suggestion!

You're welcome. If you don't mind, can you mark this question as "answered" by selecting a "best answer"?

Glad to help. :)

I did select best answer, thanks again for your help!

Sounds like a PiP (or picture in picture). It's right smack in the middle... Right?

If so, find something that says PiP on your remote, or go through your menu settings until you find the PiP settings. Just adjust it until it goes away.

If it isn't PiP, then you have a more serious problem, that I can't really help you with unless I can see the TV. (I doubt there would be a DIY approach for that though...)