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My very pregnant cat leave home--- please help Answered

Last night, my cat which is pregnant for 3 month leave home without a trace. Before I found her missing, she still play and sleep around my feet. After 2 hours, I realized she should be at home but she doesn't. I guess she missing and this afternoon, she's still not appear. I raise the cat since she was born. This is her first pregnant. Actually, she's very friendly to me all the time. I love her so much. Please, tell me what to do. I can't lose her.


I'm guessing she's an inside and outside cat? I'd check around her regular hiding places, but I would not stress yourself too much. Cats tend to nest when giving birth. They'll go to really random places just so they know they're alone and safe.

She'll come back after she gives birth. Don't worry.

. She has probably gone off to give birth in what she considers to be a safe place. More than likely she hasn't gone too far. You may be able to track her down when you start hearing the new kittens howl for supper.