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Ok, people are going on about this whole Utopian idealism of a united Instructables. I can guarantee you, it will not happen. I found it highly ironic that posts by DJ and IaC kicked up further arguments (mainly involving Lithium, Slime Q Slimedog, and many members of the K'nex community). So how about this; we stay out of each other's way. It has worked for 2 years, why not now? Also, about the K'nex community, I agree with the whole idea of being happy and building for fun. However, if someone does not build for fun, should they not be allowed to contribute any more? For example TheDunkis has made it clear he does not build for fun. Great. Now, who has the right to tell him he is wrong for doing that? I myself enjoy building, but I also enjoy the elation of discovering people like my project. I imagine that is the same for everyone, but to differing levels. I think that deep down, TD does enjoy building, otherwise he would not post half as much. If it was purely his wish to please that drove him to build, then it would be a chore. Finally, I think the K'nex community really needs to grow up and learn to take some criticism. To prove my point, I imagine several members of the site will have a go at me for saying this. Spelling and grammar is becoming better, but there is still a long way to go. There is a disturbing level of immaturity too; just because it is the internet doesn't mean you can just post whatever with no consequence; a point proven to me when someone from my school was found by staff to be a member of the BNP on Facebook. EDIT: I also think it is pathetic the way some people are under the illusion that the 'non-knexers' are ganging up on the 'knexers'. Calm down, it doesn't even really matter if they are. So, there are my views. Feel free to comment nicely, and if you wish to comment in a demeaning way to others, save your dignity and check you are not proving a point I have made in this topic before posting.


I agree with anyone that agrees with this thread. Though, I only wish the non knexers would butt out of arguments, not butt out of knex things altogether.

*agrees with RocketScientist2015* Why not just leave it be?

his first one, or the one you replied to?

. Very well done! I disagree with one particular point, but you did an excellent job of stating your case.
. As I and several others have pointed out, Ibles is a community of equals. The only "person" that has any "rank" is Robot (Eric W and the rest of the staff). The rest of us are just-another-user. Many have earned the respect of the community, which gives them a certain amount of unofficial status, but they are still just plain ol' Iblers when it come to rank/privilege/&c. Even the Feature Team (the closest thing we have to members with any rank) is so low-profile as to be almost invisible.
. I have no interest in K'nex, and I'm pretty sure that most K'nexers aren't too interested in the things I enjoy, but that does not mean that we can't learn from each other. I think Robot said it very well: "Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others." (my emphasis)
. The passionate part can (and does) get in the way at times, but it's nothing we, as a group, can't handle.
. It just doesn't seem to me that splitting up into totally separate groups is the way Robot would want it. If y'all truly want to be separate, then maybe you should investigate finding/starting another site, but, IMNSHO, that is worse than splitting up into cliques.
. I think we can have "whole Utopian idealism of a united Instructables" - and, for the most part, we do. We won't always get along as individuals, but that is no different than with any other large group.
. Think about this. How would you look at a group of Iblers that spent a lot of time posting about learning the alphabet or long division? I'm guessing you would not dislike those ppl, but what they were doing would seem very simple and childlike to you. You would probably just ignore them until one of them got in the way.
. I (and probably most of the 20+ crowd) feel the same way about K'nex. I don't look down on you - just because I'm older doesn't make me better or you worse - but I have outgrown building toys guns and cars. I played with Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs when I was young. NowI play with real guns and work on real cars.

Yeah, I agree with you. We can each stay out of each other's way. That is by far the easiest and simplest thing to do. Oh yah, and I'm not saying that this TheDunkis guy can't build for rep instead of fun, I'm just saying that IMO if he wants to go all emo and leave because of it he can just leave. Seriously, he's just trying to attract attention by acting like a defenseless child, and he takes things way too seriously. Well I'm just trying to say if he wants to leave that badly just do so, most of the non k'nexers on this site won't really care one bit if he leaves anyway.

I agree. I did not really mean my forum to cause any trouble, I was just pointing out that the knex peoples are getting generally unfriendly.

I think you proved a valuable point that many have forgotten. I admire you for that.

I think its ironic that the exact opposite of what I was trying to accomplish happened. and yeah, what you were trying to do is what Im trying to do as well.


9 years ago

Hear that?

All right, this will be the last thing I have to say on the subject, as I think I've made my point abundantly in other posts:

There is in my mind no separation between knexers and other iblers. None, zip, nada. We are all one. But you all either can't or won't see that. There is no real separation, but it will continue to exist as long as you insist upon it, only in your minds, not ours. There is no other demographic of users that has set itself apart on here, and I find myself scratching my head and wondering why ya'll have done so.

Also, I did not say anyone was wrong for not building for fun, merely that I think that's likely the wrong reason to build, because it won't make you happy in the long run. He directly proved DJ's point - that the problems are caused by the focus being taken off fun. I personally do not care why you build, but I advise you that if you do it to please others it will be largely an empty pastime.

And knexguy is correct, I was merely attempting to help. Frankly, this is silly. If everyone just focused on building what they love and sharing it, instead of trying to prove themselves right in a pointless argument about what the problem is and whether one even exists, and engaging in useless attempts to be cerebral, we'd all be much better off.

I totally agree. :D I just wish we could all agree on that and move on...

Before anyone reads this, I would just like to point out that Lithium and Slime Q Slimedog seemed to me to be genuinely trying to help, but were ignored and attacked by some members of the Knex community. In my post I did seem to blame them in part for the arguments.

Part of the problem is that a large proportion of the K'NEXers are immature - they make up the younger end of the site's population curve, Certainly, quite a few of them are not quite as old as they are supposed to be to be able to join the site.

Kids that age, outside of a school environment, it is common for them to react badly to constructive criticism, especially in the modern culture of be nice and inclusive to everybody or you might get accused of discrimination - they simply have not been required to take constructive criticisms on board as a learning, self-improving experience.

However, I must say that, despite several rolling arguments that I have had with the certain members K'NEX community who typify my statement above, the general attitude of the K'NEXers does seem to be improving.

Agreed, hopefully we can continue the upward trend.

The members who have been here longer are getting older & more mature - they are either leading on improvements or complaining about newcomers who set things back? L

You are making a mountain out of a grain of salt.

A mole hill was too large of a comparison, I needed something smaller.