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My whirlpool fridge is leaking water from the freezer into the fridge, and then onto the floor. I vacumed. still leaks. Answered

I vacuumed the junk underneath, but it still leaks.



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These fridges have what they call a 'frost-free' feature whereby they temporarily warm up slightly to prevent frost build-up at the back. What is supposed to happen is that the frost melts and it is supposed to drain away through a trough on the back surface and out through a hole. (Once outside the fridge compartment it is supposed to drip onto a small tray mounted above the copressor, which, being warm, evaporates it away. Now what often happens is that a slime-mold grows in the drain hole and blocks it. This is as disgusting as it sounds. What you need to do is un-block this drain hole. I use some old net curtain wire as it has the right diameter and stiffness to poke down the hole. Otherwise the de-frosted water collects in the bottom of the fridge and leaks out in the way you describe. Good Luck unblocking.

Forgive me, but what is net curtain wire? I will check this out.

its like a tight metal spring covered in plastic about as thick as a drinking straw for hanging net curtains on a window it threads through the curtains from one side to the other and can be cut to any length you need ,hard to cut.

Net Curtain wire is what I used just because it was the ideal stiffness and diameter but anything that you can poke down the hole will do the job - any reasonably stiff wire might work.

I had quite a few issues with mine over here in the uk but all whirlpool calls are being handled by a large insurance company who are sending out engineer who have no clue what they are doing. Three different engineers came out all saying basically the same that either the circuit board needed replacing or we had some sort of gas problem which is a bit strange in that everything is still frozen. It took weeks before we sourced another company www.agsrefrigeration.co.uk who attended and found that the door switch was not functioning properly stopping the fan from running hence the blockage in the drain. Everything working as it should.

I believe the drain hole can just be frozen and needs to thaw out. Sometimes there is food there--a frozen pea that got lost, for instance. Unplug the fridge for several hours to start the melt down process (obviously the auto defrost mechanism is not working sufficiently in your case). In the meantime, remove the bottom floor piece inside the freezer. (Refer to your fridge diagram.) You should be able to see where that drain hole is. You can pour a little hot water down it and wait to see if the water comes out below. You can use a plastic straw and do some light pushing. Some folks who have this problem repeatedly have extended a piece of copper wire down that hole permanently (wrapping one end on something) which seems to prevent refreezing.


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Check the door seals for leaks.If coolant was leaking into the fridge you would smell it

Thanks, but it doesn't appear to be coolant. its water coming from the inside of the freezer dripping down into the fridge. Also anything stored in the way back of the fridge is freezing up.

Sounds like a seal on the freezer door is letting in air if it were a cooling pipe damaged it would not freeze at all.

there can only be a few reasons why your freezer is leaking: 1) the freezer temperature is set too low, causing the cold air to condense when it comes in contact with a warmer surface and then dripping down into your fridge. What is it currently set at? Freezers should be set to -17°C (0°F) or lower. 2) your fridge temperature is set too high, causing the same problem as above. Your fridge should be set at 0-4°C (32-39°F). 3) there is damage to one of the cooling loops which may be leaking coolant into your fridge, if you have attempted to defrost your freezer recently and used the horrific combo of hammer and chisel then you may have damaged your freezer. Hope that helps!

Thanks, it doesn't appear to be coolant. its water coming from the inside of the freezer dripping down into the fridge. Also anything stored in the way back of the fridge is freezing up. I'll check the settings.