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My wife's laptop died (NotebookComputer model D22ES). Can I hack its screen to use as a monitor? Answered

This laptop's LCD screen would suit nicely for a homemade Doctor Who TARDIS console which I have started to build. I plan to make a new custom housing for the screen as in the recent Chris Eccleston/David Tennant series. This all depends on being able to hack the screen to display inputs from other sources, eg video player or BBC Microcomputer, via RGB or composite video input signals. Appreciation for any help, or suggestions - Thanks! I'll give your due credit if this project makes it onto Instructables. PS I SHOULD ADD: the bit that 'died' is the hard disk, as a technical guy told us.


Yes. You can technically harvest the LCD screen and attach it to a driver circuit. However, that will cost money and require some technical expertise. I looked into that and decided against it. Too much hassle. You said that only the hard disk died. Well, that's a good thing. If the rest of the computer still works. You don't need a hard disk. You can boot to a flash drive or even use it as a thin client / network boot where the laptop loads it's OS from another computer on the network. If I were you, I'd use the laptop to make a digital picture frame by following one of the many Instructables. I would suggest you hit e-bay and get a USB touch panel as well. Then you can install the whole thing in your Tardis console. Then you'll have an actual computer in there that you can use to drive other effects. I'm doing something similar with an old laptop. I'm trying to make a workbench that is kind of a hybrid between a Star Trek Bio-Bed and something Tony Stark would use. Sort of a big light table with a touch panel console on one end. It will display output from my multi-meter, maybe an oscilloscope and iTunes of course. Good luck.

If you are of the tinkering type, as I assume pretty much all of us are here, I would recommend looking into the link below for a driver/power kit, direct from japan...


It translates from japanese to english, and is close enough to get the idea of what is going on. I'd love to hear your results!

try the "split screen computer" instructable.

try simply networking the screen to your copter. it works good on macs but I'm not sure about a pc. just try it.


9 years ago

There is a way to make the screen usable. You ill need to buy a converter that is designed specifically for that model of screen. This device is for people who test and repair monitors, and will cost about $200 dollars. Bottom line: Possible, but not feasible. I would disassemble the laptop and sell it on ebay to others who need the parts to fix their laptops.


Answer 8 years ago

Id fix the hard drive.... try craigslist or bestbuy for options.... then you could use synergy to network the screen or add a usb capture card to allow it to play video

$200 dollars correction:

200 dollars

the computer may sometimes be easy to fix. did you try to disassemble and assemble it ? change the cmos battery ? change ram ? etc