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My windows XP sound does not work...says there aren't mixer devices available...what's the fix? Answered

What should i do if my windows XP sound is completely gone and when i try to open the volume control, it says there are no mixer devices available. last time this happened i used services.msc in the run prompt and did some simple things to get the sound back but now it doesn't work to do that either. What should I do? please help


Try this: delete the sound card from your device drivers, then reboot the computer. Windows should find the sound card and reinstall drivers for it. If that doesn't work... go to the manufacturer's website for your computer (HP, Gateway, etc) and find the specifications for your computer. In the specs will be the kind of sound card you have. Google the sound card name and see if you can find updated drivers.


9 years ago

get drivers for your sound card...(do you even have a sound card to begin with?)

Try restarting. If that doesnt work: Try going into device manager: right click my computer, and hit properties, then under hardware tab, choose device manager. Somewhere under 'sound and video game controllers' look for anything with an x through it. Right click, and choose update driver, and insert any disks that came with your computer. Let it search automatically. if THAT doesnt work, you need to research what sound card or audio chipset you have. If you have a manufactured pc - the drivers should be on disk or available from the manufacturer's website. If you're like me and have a no-name piece of crap...you'll have more trouble tracking them down.