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My Worst Instructable Just Got Featured? Answered

I came home from school and noticed a "you've been featured" message amongst my iBle messages. As surprised as I was, I was even more surprised that the Instructable in question was, IMO, my worst.

I don't understand. How did my worst iBle, the one I was considering deleting, get featured? I made it one day because I was extreamly bored. Now all can see my low quality shame on the front page!

*Is confused.*


. Well, it's certainly not a "proper" iBle, so I'll guess it was the humor that attracted whoever featured it. Maybe as an example of the "community spirit" here. . In spite of the spelling, it was an enjoyable read. My dogs are not allowed to beg, but I do get The Look quite often.

Not allowed?! That seems a little harsh. I'm not saying that you whip them with spiked belts, but it just sounds like if they beg then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! or something.

. Just part of being a well-behaved pet. No begging for food, no jumping on ppl, don't dash out the door until I say OK, &c;.

Many USPC shelters won't adopt a dog out unless they are very much as you describe, plus they must be able to have their food taken FROM them while they are eating without a growl or especially without biting.

. Never had a problem taking food from the ACD, but I had to alpha roll the Pit a couple of times when she was young (she's almost as hard-headed as I am).

Especially if around children. It is going to happen eventually, so it is best to nip it in the bud before it happens :-)

ALERT!-'PitBull viciously grooms a guinea pig and potentially smothers it to death!!! ShrrrrrrEEEEEKKKK!!!

We need to put an end, to this insane madness. Pitbull's grooming guinea pigs... What's next I ask you my friends? What's next?

They need to be stopped now,NOW I TELL YOU!!

I wasn't referring to any breed of dog there....remember, some of the "strays" that the ASPCA gets are very antisocial, whether big dogs or little....and a few are untrainable.

A friend of mine owned a pit and she was VERY good around children (took to them very quickly and would become very protective of them too).

This is why the ASPCA has their shelters make sure that a dog is "better behaved then one from a pet store" before adopting it out. It isn't the dog breed we have to worry about, it is the dog's past and current teachability that are of a concern.

Oh, I wasn't referring to your previous post. Just trying to make the pic funny.

He he he I stick my fingers in my pit's mouth while she eats.... Funny to watch her try eat without getting my fingers.

. OMG! You put your hand in the mouth of a vicious, killing-machine Pit Bull?!?!?!? ROFLMAO
. For those that have never been around a well-socialized Pit, Pit Bulls LOVE ppl. And not just for lunch. heehee
. I have a friend that has two Pits (one is a 74 lb monster) and they are not aggressive towards humans. My Pit-Mix and his big one will have to do their little "dominance dance"* when they get together, but they only react negatively toward humans if we do (just like any other good dog).
. If you stick one in the backyard on a short chain, you're liable to have problems - but that goes for any dog.

  • Lots of noise and flashing of teeth, but little contact. Lasts 5-10 secs and then all is well. If it looks like it might get serious, I just stick my hands in their faces and they calm down.

Bad pictures, bad spelling, I just don't get why it was featured :/.

I'll guess it was the humor that attracted whoever featured it. Maybe as an example of the "community spirit" here.

I suppose so. Boredom does strange things...

My dogs are not allowed to beg, but I do get The Look quite often.

I must admit that Mazee is spoiled rotten. She always gets the leftovers of our meals. She even gets her own plate on Thanksgiving with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and everything else.

Run lil' gunea pig RUN!!!

He doesn't, he looooooves it...

They are so funny funny...

I think Basil is her boy friend. Or maybe I am I'm not sure.


Yeah, a coworker had a Bosten Bull that just loved her Guinea pig and hamster the same way :-)


9 years ago

:O I wish that would happen to me

Oh!! I read through all the comments before clicking the link. Your mooching I'ble? In my humble opinion, it was Featured due to it being a unique piece of writing that allows Instuctabler's (who's minds are generally running a-muck, cluttered with 1000's of idea relating to DIY home projects and experiments) for a brief moment to venture away from their possibly frustrating projects and enjoy a snippet of the humorous analogy of the "Mooching" techniques our so called best friends engage in. Secondly it is an article that relates to anyone whom owns a dog. They are devious and cunning, when it comes to the art of persuading us to part with our dwindling morsels. It was featured because it deserves to be. I would certainly have it in my 100 favourite I'bles of all time. Still to this day I look back and chuckle as I think to myself what tactic shall my puppy try next. She is stuck on lying next to the food container, until they are collected to be put in the bin... I found her yesterday, asleep with her face nestled inside a Mac Donalds bag... not having ate any, just lying their in hope I would tell she could have the rest.... It worked... By the way, your creativity is inspiring.

Is it me, or are you already suspended from school? :D

I got suspended for 5 days. Threw a chair & desk off the 2nd floor.

0_o I know...it's like an evil robot has replaced the old, friendly GorillazMiko...

How did I change? Just cause I do stupid stuff like that? I've always been like that... you little demons never knew..

He just had a front on the internet. Kinda like schizophrenia, except not really. :D

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, And so am I!

You can blink S.O.S. with your eyes if you have been taken hostage. The cult deprogramming team is ready.

Hahaha... GM, if you are under duress, do NOT change your avatar. :D

I know, your multiple bulletins confirm that. :D Do you have a pic of how your 2 story school is?

Usually it is one floor above another giving you a two story school...or unless they only have 2 books in the library?

... Yes, I know how its set up, but did he throw the desk out onto the sidewalk, or a lunch court, or what? Thats what I'm trying to clarify. ;-)

Even though it is not a proper ible, as Kiteman said, I personally think it is quite creative having it address a skill from the point of view of the dog. I like it.

If this is your worst creation, we can look forward to ever increasingly good ones that are serious. ;-)


9 years ago

Personally I thought it was hilarious but it would have made more sense to be featured around April fools day.


I spend hours slaving on projects doomed to obscurity, and Dog Mooching makes the front page?!


I can certainly see who staff likes!


You could always ask for it to be un-featured.

Yea. It's cool that it was featured and all, but, seriously...