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My xbox smartglass app can connect to my xbox from anywhere, how bout my controller ? Answered

iv been thinking alot lately about a project i am trying to get started however this is a problem iv been running into. iv been losing hope for awhile untill one day my dad connected smartglass from work to my xbox at home. i want to do the same with a controller and i am in dire need of help brainstorming how. the best iv thought of would be to somehow use an arduino or rasberry pi as a stepper through my internet at home or incorporate my smartphone in there but right now im at a wall. Any ideas?


Basically you want to be able to play your xbox remotely right? The problem with that will be the huge amount of lag you will have no matter which way you choose to relay the signals from the controller to the xbox. This will make games nearly unplayable.

Still if you know any I would like to know any method in which I could relay the commands