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My /you Page Is Riddled With Bugs Answered

Yesterday I noticed my /you page has become riddled with bugs.
  • The patch indicators all read 0 despite each having had some value besides 0 beforehand
  • The subscriber count reads only "one" when the actual number is ~1420 or so.
None of this has done me any harm, but I figured I'd pass it along anyway.


Seriously I would like to know what is happening here, if an when the bugs are fixed and why we simply won't get any updates or at least a rensponse.
Over a week, nothing changed, nothing happen, no answers at all - this is like saying "We don't care!".
For me it is still impossible to open a new topic without fooling my browser, so unless this website is fixed I simply won't start new topics, plus it seems noone really reads our bug reports.

The latest "bug" was another cleanup in the answers section.
Although I understand the need for it I otally fail to see why we now have an endless list of forum topics that are 6 years and older - noone needs that mess!
It is time to wake up here and make this website user friendly and not just advertising friendly to make money.
For everything we find an Instructable that offers a workaround - doesn't that tall enough what needs to be done?
What is going on here???

The developers are working on various upgrades to multiple parts of the site at any given time. Among other things, the "You" page is getting an overhaul and all of the current wonkiness will be cleared up when the new version is released (no date yet, but soon I hope).

I've noticed other problems spring up like categories being jumbled up and the recent section carrying 6 year old projects as being newer than ones posted days ago.

Something is amiss.

Yes, the lack of info that some major works are planned as well as info on when we can expect the new bugs to be fixed.
I mean it is not like we wouldn't have enough old bugs that are still present....

Could we please get an update or a confirmation from our beloved code monkeys?

I also have a problem with my Inbox. I can't switch to the second page

yep mines the same, and when I hit the profile tab it take me to the instructable page.

The code monkey are working hard again, was locked out a few times due to technical difficulties the robot claimed.
Give them a day or two and I am quite sure the problems will be gone, if not already.

Ok, I revise that :(
Since yesterday I am trying to start a new forum topic but it is not possible as there is no category or group to select from.
Tried with both Chrome and Firefox on Win7.
So much for my spinning Golf Ball....

Was able to create a topic by replacing ALL in the address with "forums" - this allowed my to get the scroll down list back.
Still the normal way won't work for me at this stage.