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Mystery Contraction ? Answered

Hi all, 
I found this contraption today at the tip and was wondering if anyone knew what it might be?  It has been hand-made and looks like it measures something but I can't work out what.  It has a micro amperage meter, an LED, a bunch of coils which look like they are from a heater, and also a analogue clock on top with no hands.  Oh and it also has some small glass tubes on top which look like micro movement switches.
I thought it might be used to measure lightening or some other environmental effect.  Maybe earthquakes?

any ideas?



Best Answer 1 year ago

Looks like 64 radially arranged vertical columns of 150 CW turns of solder able wire wound around a similar number of CCW internal wires series connected on top..

No idea of bottom wiring or middle lower plane wiring.

The top four reed switches housed under Al sheet metal (the NW reed is discombobulated) could have been activated by a NIB magnet on a clock hand that rotated around the device circle.

A micro-ammeter is a very fine current detector for observation of efficacy.. Also the interconnecting wiring is much too small for heating-current including those milliamp reed switches.

There may be a planetary difference between magnetic activity as our world faces the solar plasma ie "wind"... But the field needs to be fluctuating or (using alternate agnosticism pairs) in order to harvest some usable energy..

I used a magnet to test the reed switches and the LED came on when placed over a specific reed switch. Running the magnets over the reed switches a few times and then back to the specific one, turned the LED on so a split second. As you have mentioned, I assume this would have been the effect the clock hands would have had with a magnet attached to the minute (or second) hand.

Nice one Iceng!

Not surprising, as another free-energy device is discarded as junk at tip...

My best guess for what this thing is, is that it is, or intended to be, some sort of ambient electromagnetic energy harvesting device. Guessing it is supposed to gather enough power to run the clock on top the device.

By the way, what is this place where you found it, this place you call, "the tip"?

Oh. Hey. I think I figured out what "the tip" is. In other English-speaking parts of the world, the tip is called, "the landfill", "the dump", or maybe the "recycling center", or "convenience station". It's the place where everybody takes their trash, and leaves it there.

It is a "battery".
Following very old designs with some added modern things, like the amp meter.
The clock is the load.
Batteries like these are meant to be used with just water, so no salt or similar added.
If you look close enough you can see that each rod is formed by two coils, one most likely copper, the other zink as the ideal option but could be something else - no clue without a chemical check.
Assuming all is wired correctly it should be able to provide around 2V but only very little power, hence the micro amp meter.
Using baking soda, lemon juice or salt in the water would improve that but at the expense of massive corrosion on the electrodes.

The small glass capsule is a reed switch. Operated by a magnet. As to the rest, other then it looks experimental - No idea what it might have done.

Probably time travel experiment, If you can find the flux capacitor for it!!!!!