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Mythbusters Answered

You're welcome.



10 years ago

This episode will air on November 7th

I can see the future.....................................................on my Comcast digital TV guide.

How do you know what they were testing, though? ...did it say something about a water heater?

I see..."Jamie and Adam test whether the steam a water heater creates can blast it through a roof"

little water heater did nothing. Being dragged does not catch jeans on fire

WHere I am i's about 9.40 That was the coolest explosion ever!! can't believe I was watching Grant try on jeans

Oh, please keep me updated on what happens. Both of my TVs are being watched, leaving me with the computer. The episode sounds awesome!

I love the Mythbusters..Its like watching Wile Cyote with girls...I love the tattooed one who welds..AAAAAHOOGA

Speaking of Wile E Coyote,  has anyone seen what happened to:  "Man Vs. Cartoon?   Did that only last an episode or so? 

 Congratulations Goodhart! You are my 200th comment response!

But anyways, I think it only lasted a few episodes and vanished. They were funny though.

The first one I saw showed how incompetant the "young" engineers were, as they nearly hurt themselves with a couple of regular old hobby style rocket engines.......even I had more sense then that, even when younger then that.

 They were kind of stupid to say the least. I know, I had more sense than them as well.

yes nerfer192 the mouse is married..But as my sainted father says because you are not eating does not mean you cant look at the menu. The wife agrees with me that she has a certain something that prettier girl do not have, a presence. My missus cant weld but she cuddles great!

I don't understand the "lead balloon" myth It was done in the 60's by MIT or Yale, or... awww one a them eastern big yooniversitee.....

i was wondeing if you talked to them because that would be cool if the mythbusters made instructales accouns and specially adam hes my fave

Awesome! A few days ago I saw one of their episodes, and they said they were at the Alameda Naval Base, and they were inside, making a lead balloon. I was hoping to see Eric or somebody else, but I didn't. :P

man thats so awesome!!! do you like test there or something?did you get there autograph??!!?!?!?!


10 years ago

that's sweet! u go to meet the mythbusters and b rite there wen they blew that hot water heater up! i loved that episode

Did you get a chance to ask what they were testing?

I wish, but she wasn't there. It was only the mythbusters, and the interns who are too ugly to show on tv. I took those pics and video this morning, and about half an hour ago they blew up the hot water heater. They increased the pressure to about 300 psi, and then BOOM!, hot water heater pieces everywhere.

Did you get Adam or Jamie's phone number? I like their show!!!! Besisdes it was broadcasted last week.

oh my god i need to know if the mythbusters would let me pay to work for them

It looks like they are doing the exploding water heater myth which is no myth with old water heaters.I would have thought they would test it in the desert not at the abandonded navel yard.

Ever since I heard the news about Instructables HQ taking up residence in its current location, I always wondered if it was at the same naval yard the mythbusters are always using. Now we know, cool!


10 years ago

That's one of my dreams come true - seeing the Mythbusters. Even if I was a quarter of a mile away, that'd be awesome.

We got a lot closer then a quarter of a mile. We rode our bikes over, and one of the people in charge said we could hang out for about 10 minutes, as long as we were quiet and stayed out of the camera shots.


10 years ago

£10 a ride to see the mythbusters behind scenes?