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Myths and Truths of the 3D Printing Answered

Yesterday I readed a very interesting article on wired.com, named "An Insider’s View of the Myths and Truths of the 3-D Printing ‘Phenomenon", by Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk.

"But Mario!" - you (one of the only four persons who read my forum topics) will say - "What happened to you? It was supposed you were one of us, one of the last sexy hammer-in-hand/sweat-in-the-forehead makers, who build everything with bolts and nuts and screwdrivers, Yes, it's a little bit annoying that 99% of your projects are vibrobots, planters and cyborgs. But at least, you only used the computer for checking your e-mail and looking for stuff that would horrify your mother. Now you only talk about 3D printers and CAD and support material. YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL THE TIME YOU DOWNLOADED 123D DESIGN!".

And my answer is "... maaaayyyybe. Can you repeat the question? No hablo inglés".

But this is a cool article that demystifies a lot of ideas we have about 3D printing. Thanks to the media, we think everything will be 3D printed, the handtools will become museum pieces and metallurgy and craftsmanship will have the same fate of the alchemy. Or we think 3D printers are magical boxes that immediately fulfill all of our design desires, no matter how dark they are (Do you want to become a criminal and lead a rebellion? SHAZAM! Homemade one-shot 3D printed non-always-exploding guns for everyone!).

Ok, enough blablabla. Read the article. It was written for somebody who knows. And believe it or not, Carl Bass is another "hammer-in-hand/sweat-in-the-forehead" maker. Enjoy!



Wowowo...hang on Mr...when the apocalypse zombie came and the machines will rise, I`ll become a grumpy Metalsmitter.Ya lo puedo visualizar :"Se le tiene el rompecabezas zombie !!!!Lleve el triple combo !! Hacha, machete y ballesta tres por el precio de uno.!!!!

Así es hermanito. Lo que dice el artículo es que el 3D printing no va a desplazar completamente la forma tradicional de hacer las cosas en cuanto a DIY, sino que se volverá un talento tan necesario como los demás a la hora de crear algo.

Por mi parte, yo seguiré trabajando en ambos lados, porque cuando Skynet se apodere del planeta, no creo que nos deje mucho acceso a las impresoras 3D...

How does it always come back to Skynet?!?

Because there is more possibility of a Rise of the Machines than a Zombie Apocalypse. Humans have survived plagues and diseases, and are very good killing living beings. So, a plague made of walking rotten corpses would be easy to stop. We have hi-tech weapons to do the job.

But, what happen when the hi-tech weapons become against us? What happen when our iPads, smartphones and computers stop to being subordinated to the man?

Oh Skynet! I'm in your side! Please, have mercy of me and bring back my Roxette Greatest Hits collection!!!!