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N64 Cartridge Mod Answered

I was wondering if it would be possible to mod an N64 cartridge to remove the default internal memory for it and allow like an SD card or some other flash drive and be able to run homebrew games and backups... I enjoy playing the N64, i own tons of games for it but it just gets in the way lol I want to be able to backup all my games and consolidate them into a single cartridge if its possible Thanks


Try the "Z64". It's a device that plugs directly into the cartridge slot of the N64. Then you pop your games into one end, a floppy disk into the other, back the game up, and put it away. The Z64 boots the files from the floppy. Also, you can play ROMs and homebrew games with it.....

You would not simply be able to replace the memory with an SD card. However could reverse engineer how the n64 reads the carts and then create a device that takes files off the SD Card and then writes the data to RAM that the N64 would then read. It would be easier to purchase a backup device for the N64, but those are nearly impossible to come by.