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NASA Plans To Visit The Sun Answered

The name of the mission is Solar Probe+ (pronounced "Solar Probe plus"). It's a heat-resistant spacecraft designed to plunge deep into the sun's atmosphere where it can sample solar wind and magnetism first hand. Launch could happen as early as - (continued here)


great idea, and for any one going to the sun i sugest takeing sun galsses! LOL

I think this is great. I really think NASA could do so much more, we could have a permanent moonbase, we could be on Mars, if they had the funding.

yeah, so much cool stuff out there in space...

They had the money for a permanent Mars base - they spent it on ISS instead.

Have a look at Robert Zubrin's Mars Direct programme, maybe get Tha Case for Mars out of the library.

Not me, that's for sure.

Physically restrains self from bootless rant about NASA's approach to space exploration.

I know, it kills me every time I think about all the wasted money and what NASA could do with it...

Wouldn't it be safer to go at night?

...sorry, sorry, I just had to say it.... >chortle<

haha, I was waiting for that, I'm surprised you beat Goodhart to it!

I have young(er) reflexes...

They could at LEAST take a shade tree with them..... ;-)


10 years ago

Sounds like a good opportunity to do more with that "politician in space" idea!

The problem is many people would want to leave a politician in space.

(Got to start with the first one anyway...)

Hey, most politicians would fit right in out there in outer space, as their heads would finally have equalized pressure (void inside, void outside).

And a very good one at that! ;- )

I too have decided I shall visit the sun, however I have no intention of doing anything constructive, I simply have a need to be able to say.

Should scientists ask about the sun there are three token responses I have:
- It was ok
- Didn't happen to notice
- A tad itchy

haha, sounds like a sexual experience with one of your Ex's.. hahahahah

Yeah I apologize, shouldn't have shown you all of it...

Lots of big things are happening in 2015. Sun probes, Autonomous (if that's how you spell it) vehicles, exoskeletal super-suits, etc.

I hope the probe mission doesn't go wrong and cause a massive solar flare, wiping out Earth...

I don't think anyone would like that last part about earth...
except maybe the cockroaches

I found out recently that cockroaches would actually suffer quite badly if humans became extinct - they are a semi-tropical creature in the wild, and the only reason they survive so easily around the world is the fact that humans heat their homes and leave lots of food around.


NASA is planing to visit the giant nuclear gas ball!!!!!
Now that is exciting!

The heat shielding would like explode 1,000,000,000 miles from the sun. kind of pointless.. you can preform most of the experiments from Venus (or at that distance)

Where do I sign up for the first manned flight to the Sun?

"Phillip J Fry, if you don't do your job you'll be fired..." "That doesn't seem too bad" "..out of a cannon, into the sun." "oh."

More taxpayer dollars at work! (this looks pretty cool! I wonder how useful it will be)

I'd rather our tax dollars go to something like this...