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Can anyone identify this tool and what it is used for? It belonged to a relative that recently passed away and I have no idea what it is. It is made from what appears to be heavy brass. The center "barrel" section is spring loaded and slides up to reveal what appears to be a sharp cutting back edge of the barb shaped tip. Anyone know? Thank you


Fly tying half hitch tool.

It is the mate to hackle pliers.

Thanks. In response to your idea I am going to go by the fly fishing shop at Bass Pro Shops store and ask the gentlemen that is always in there tying flies. I will post what I find out.

He was a high school principle so not much help there I am afraid. As hobbies he loved to fish and do gunsmith work. At least from my research I cannot tie to either of those activities. I suppose it may have belonged to someone else further back in the family?

Fly fishing maybe? Look up hackle pliers. There are some pen shaped ones that appear to be similarly spring loaded like yours.

What line of work was your relative in? This could be a testing tool, some kind of machine orifice cleaning/inspection tool, maybe something from the textile industry or food industry to probe and removed easily by cutting its way back but the pocket clip probably means it was needed to be used often or kept handy.

Window punch is a good guess and one that I had not thought of. However, I don't think that is what it is for two reasons. One, the spring action slide of the barrel is not very fast / strong so I don't think it would cause glass to break. I will find something to test it on to be sure. The second reason is I just looked at a lot of glass punch tool images and I cannot find any that have the sharp barb shape on the back of the tip. It seems like it is designed that way for a purpose to cut or trap something between it and the barrel. Thank you for helping to figure this out.


2 years ago

Looks like a window punch.

Thanks for helping with ideas on this mystery tool. I just checked and no parts come off of it. From my experience the point is not sharp enough and to blunt to punch through leather for sure. Maybe to thread something through a hole already in leather?

Then you got me stumped, looked like a punch too for a hand press to me for sure.
Maybe purpose made for some machine to check play / alignment of parts, no clue...

You should be able to unscrew the tip.
It is a hole punch.
Maybe for leather works or thin wood.

Do any parts come off or unscrew?