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NEED MOD DONE, WIll Pay Answered

Looking for some help with a mod.  

I need the guts of a bluetooth receiver or headphones(just the bluetooth module) installed into the housing of a hearing aid.  Basically just the receiving module I dont need to talk on it, it is just for audio.  I don't need or want the hearing aid parts to work or anything else inside it other then the bluetooth receiver.  obviously I need the audio from the bluetooth to come out of it though.

I just need it to be rechargeable.  I will provide all the materials.  

That's all I am looking for and am willing to pay for the time.



You're wanting to transplant the guts of two similar-sized devices.  I imagine it's just;
  1. Open hearing aid,
  2. Discard contents.
  3. Open bluetooth ear-piece
  4. Lift out contents
  5. Place contents of earpiece in hearing aid.
  6. Close
  7. Earn $$$$$
... so why not just try it yourself?

Not exactly that easy.

First, i don't even have the right tools to open the things up without breaking them. Also, I basically need it modded to accept a recharge(talking about some soldering and voltage requirements probably). I'd like if you could alter the volume on the piece itself which might require some cutting and modded buttons.

I am not sure about it even being a proper fit so there might need to be some cutting or manipulation of the bluetooth parts to fit the irregular shape.

Lastly, I need it to look clean and not have hot glue all over the place.

Achieving all of these things is past my scope. The most I mess with is adding a light or outlet at home or messing with LED's.

If you think it's something easy for you to do I would be grateful if you could help.