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NES/SNES Emulator on Unmodded PS2 or XBOX Answered

Does anyway know of a simple, easy to use and set up, nes and/or snes emulator for the ps2 or xbox, without modding or altering the system in any permanant way?


I know hot to do it but it's hard for me to explane I'm not smart I'm in th reitard class not kidding for real

There is 1 SNES emulator that works on PS2 but u ither need a swap Magic, Game Shark 2 or a Action Reply Kit 2 run.

sorry, i usually stick to the Nes and snes emulators. why, do Xeon and CxBx suck?

from what i've heard it seems like it requires some programming skills or something. i can't find anywhere on the internet that tells how to, so someone should make an instructable on how to do so.

Sorry I don't. But if you have a Sega Dreamcast, I could set you up with some links. That's like one of the best systems of its time :)

Here's one example:
Classic computer games