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NEW EDITOR!!!!! Answered

It looks different, and its easier to use, the new editor is awesome. I noticed this when i was working on a new ible....................


I'm not even sure what to say...

Bran is right that the difference is that we've recently made it the default, now that we've killed most of the worst bugs. In time, we'll get rid of the old editor completely.

Personally I like the "new" editor better, but even after all these months, it still feels a bit unfamiliar. Probably because we used to have the old one by default and had to choose the option of using the new one. Anyway, its awesome.

I like the old one better, just a bit though, easier interface..


9 years ago

It seems to be standardized now, instead of loading us up with the old one. I like the new one, but it keeps saying I haven't saved the changes, though I have, when I try to navigate to another page. It does save, at least it did for me, anyway.

Yeah, that was a lingering bug, but we killed it last night. Keep making Instructables and tell us if you find more bugs!

Yessir, I sure will!

Thank you, ~~Captain Obvious~~ Radioactive.

it's been around for a coupla months...

Yeah! It is really great! Bug free editor! It has been out for a few months, it had a lot of bugs at that time, now no more bugs! Yay!!!!

oh, I thought it was like a new new toolbar as of resently, not the one that's been out for months