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Nintendo announced a new DS model at their conference. It's called the Nintendo DSi and has a few improvements over the Nintendo DS Lite. One, media support with an SD card reader and two built in cameras. Unfortunately, it does lack a GBA slot. There is also an online store for it in the same vein as the Wii Shop Channel and uses the same currency for DSiWare. Software on it will cost 0, 200, 500 or 800 points. Essentially it is just an improved version of the DS Lite, but with these improvements, it may well be worth getting. It is set for release in Japan on November 1st 2008 with US and EU releases to follow in Early 2009. What do you guys think?



9 years ago


man, i need to start saving for one now. that thing looks uber cool. i don't know about stats, and i need to look into this thing(i can't believe i missed it!) looks like they took the thinks the ds lacked against the psp and put them in. i do see some problems pointed out on other comments but i know some stuff that you don't. i would bet that you can download GBA roms onto the SD card, and or stuff needed for the internet browser and such. but if you are going to get one, i would keep the DSlite since the changes will make the systems pretty different from each other. i need one of these things.

hmmm...... true. i really need to think about this and the new psp

i just found out that the internet browser is built in. as it looks this is a lot cheaper buying a dslite with the internet browser separate.

ok. well does the internet connect to wpa because that's what we use and the ds lite connects to wep

I knew it! I still have the first DS in red. I might get this. but it's 170.00$

Meh, It's as much as a PSP. And this one has a hard drive for downloading games. I think it was 276 MB. And it's also a MP3 player, a camera, and all of that stuff.

I got one!

me too but i does not work with my r4 cart or my action replay ds how am i going to cheat now?

They have made something called acekard. If you are desperate, try that.

i might sell my DS lite, or, i could just save for it. might take a while, cause im gonna buy some more knex so i can enter in the knexpert search, along with the N-Strike Basic pack.

Problems: Battery life. It was okay with the lite. But it was reduced by 20 percent! Big, big mistake! I never used the GBA slot. And never will. But it could be a problem for things like the guitar hero attachment. Unfortunately, this will probably hault any future plans of devices like the guitar extention. Which is sad, since there is so many possiblities. Couldn't have just created a camera that plugs into the GBA slot? Like game boy camera, but for the GBA! It may seem difficult to imagine, but it's even thinner. Which sucks. I liked the size of the lite, and making it thinner seems like it would make a frail device. But there seem to be more pros than cons, and I'll probably save for and pick one up. (since my lite got stolen...)

i know size was perfect. i might sell mine for it but i dont know. ill have to wait for more details and a pic.

They have pics! Here's one of the DSi, from the front. The only thing different on the back is the less than dime sized lens in the corner. It's button layout is slightly different, to accomodate for the larger screen. Here it is, held by two creepy japanese ladies:


Found a more "detailed version". Just noticed, where is the logo on the front? (grabbed it off of kotaku)


i sent you a PM

hmm.... i have a ds lite and i dont use it. i might sell it and buy something new. that might be it...

*smacks forehead*

i don't known i have the pre order next month i've got it

Well if you can play the 'newer' games that come out with the new Ds, on an older one, (like the one shown) i'm fine without it

Im pretty sure you will be able to. cuz if not they lost lots of the profit they could have had

You will be able to download games to an SD card via the internet.


9 years ago

Doesn't the lack of a GBA slot mean no guitar hero tab plug in? I have been thinking it'd be cool to get one to play (mod) around with.

yeah. im not sure what to think. its got its pros and cons...

i might. but only for the new features or games. the reason is there is only 1 game i really like right now. (i havent gotten games for a long time)

This is a pic the the current DS Lite, Not the one coming out.