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NEW knex gun design Answered

this is a gun i have been working on. The cool thing about it is that to fire it all u have to do is pull the trigger and it will pull the firing pin and shoot it. This makes it a billion times faster to shoot. idk if i should post or not so tell me what u think


That looks awesome. Since KILLERK likes it, I bet it really should be posted.

KILLERK is not god!! all the man who are here are saying: killerk's gun moding, killerk magnum, is killerk stock and more similar stuff...


10 years ago

You should post it

wait sorry. I forgot to ask. How does the mechanism work. And yes i know that you pull back the trigger and it pulls back the ram, bt how???

im so sorry but i can't post it today i ran into problems so its going to take another day

Now all we have to do is bully killerk into giving his time to make it stronger. Or even Mepain, ohhh and dsman, and.... *expretionless glare* im getting to exited.

this looks like a really good gun. POST

Extreme builder, I love your fully auto gun, and from the looks of it, this gun has potential. It doesn't use as many pieces as the SR-v1. Even if it doesn't shoot far, it is good for knex gun wars, and noobs that don't have enough pieces.

thanks and i just found a way to make it shoot farther too!!! ill post it in a week or 2 because i have spring break!!!

THEN HELL..... I CANT WAIT. Pst.... I officialy hate spring break. Check out my gun, just click on my name

I have built something like this but it shoots 10-15 feet. but if KILLERK is helping you mod it to make it go farther its going to be one of the best on this site

does it shoot when you release the trigger or do you you the trigger back a little to cock and then pull it more to fire?

when u pull the trigger it pulls it back and pull it back i little farther it will shoot

Whats the power of this beast?

the power is not good it doesn't shoot far at all but im hoping that people like killerk can mod this b**** out and make it shoot far

it will be hard to improve the power of these type of guns , but the trick is to make the firing pin as light as phsicaly possible and to make an effeceint mag deisign

I just remember I saw it on youtube. yer you should post!

the firing pin is a bit huge,

POST POST and POST POST and let me see............POST!!!!!

i think this gun has potential this is a MUST POST!

the only thing is is that u am saving it for ur contest and u said u can't enter any guns that is already posted

looks cool sounds cool POST POST POST