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NEWBIE: Help with 3d drawing from 2d drawing? Answered


I have basic knowledge of mechanical drawing.  Is there a simple cad software, where I can create my top view/side views etc. on a 2d plane and the software will render the image on a 3d plane?

Thanks so much in advance.



2 years ago

I see this is an old question, so I'm not sure if you still need an answer, but you're getting it anyway :)

I do not know of a free or cheap program that can do that, but your basic mechanical drawing knowledge is already a great advantage in making 3D drawings.

Often I start in 123D-Design (my favorite free 3D program at the moment) with a top side 2D drawing. If it is a difficult design I often draw a big cube that has the outer dimensions of my final design. I than draw a side view on one of the sides of the cube. Next I will remove the cube, so the 2 2D drawings just remain as a starting-point and reference when I begin extruding the forms to create the 3D model.

Until now, I never used more than one side view, but I guess you could if you wanted.

I hope this answer helped you a bit along in your adventure into 3D drawing.

For free probably not. i guessing you will have to send it to a professinal and they will change it for a price.

Probably not. Generally the systems I have seen is to start with a profile on a 2D plane that is then extruded (in a straight line as a basic feature) or rotated around an axis of rotation. Making a more complex shape is a process of building material from these primitive shapes and cutting material out with similar shapes as cut-outs.

To go from a top, front and side view directly and automatically to a 3D model would be difficult to get the system to understand.

I haven't worked much with the home user type simpler systems, but I know that Pro/Enginer can import 2D drawing data that can be then used as a reference and you can manually create the collection of 3D features that from your solid. I wouldn't be surprised if that was an option in the more basic systems, if that works for you. I don't have enough experience with them to recommend one.

you used to be able to get Rhino 3D as a free package.

Its free from Google.