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NO 2 Pro Answered

Now, an official place to argue against Pro accounts.


I what way is it "official" and different from any of the others? L

This one doesn't say, "i wnt allstep feture plx!!!11!one11eleven

Yes, it doesn't say anything. Other people at least said what annoyed / angered them. L

Give it a day or two, and it will be forgotten...Posting on it doesn't seem to help.

A "you're wasting you're time response" (look at all comments so far) is sometimes better than no response at all. It's courtesy to acknowledge people even if you can't side with them. L

Like when I tell people I'm ignoring them...I would think not saying anything would help them figure that out.

I prefer "Sorry I wasn't listening to you.", it's cruel in it's subtlety... L

'cause it has a group. Or 'cuz I just like 2 call it that.

oops, yes join that one too. that one came out after this one. i think so any way.

No that one was there first, I meant why don't you join it, it's got fewer members than this one & would probably appreciate having twice as many.


i did join it. if we get enough groups together though, we should make one big one. like i said, i don't know for sure.

It's got a big car - isn't that official enough for you?

Knight Rider is really old hatte though...


fast reply there! - how?


Just a coincidence.

Just out of curiosity...did you ever take a civics course in high school? Did they teach you the technical, legal meaning of "rights"? I know the quality of education in the U.S. has gone way, way downhill, so the answer to one or both questions might well be, "no."

The answers, for me at least, are both "yes." :D


8 years ago

Car is great