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NOOB homebrew on psp slim Answered

Hey guys(and maybe girls), i just hacked my brothers psp slim. Now i am used to the phat pap where you install the 1.50 subset to get homebrew to work, but that said only for fat psp. Only some homebrew works on the slim psp, but has major issues. for instance psp revolution has no sound anywhere, and none of the bottom buttons work. I have tried both the 5.00 and 1.50 kernels in the recovery menu. Is there some patch, or homebrew launcher that i dont know about?? should i install the 1.50 kernel addon anyway? firmware is 5.00 M33-6


well, most home brew these days is based on the 3.xx or 5.xx kernels so there is no need for a 1.5 patch. what are you trying to do that requires 1.5? I'll find another solution

oh just some random applications or games. i installed leda legacy software loader and problem solved. I heard there was a program that would resize the partitions on the psp to give flash0 more space, but im not sure. it may have been in a dream. Over the weekend i was in a dirtbike hairscramble race and got a huge burn from my front pipe, right where it leaves the engine. it melted through 2 layers of riding pants and into my skin, which then proceeded to smoke for a couple of minutes.


9 years ago

i think i fixed it by installing leda legacy homebrew fixer thing.