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NOOOOOO! What happened?! Answered

I just spent an hour typing up an Instructable. The current step I was working on was practically a page! I put a lot of work into it and I cannot do it again. All the writing I did has been replaced by "give a general description of this step"! I hit "save now" every time I finished a sentence! What happened?!

Excuse any errors right now, I'm shocked. All that work for nothing! Really detailed reports on what to do in differing scenarios of rabbit care! Gone! I can't simply "retype" everything!




Same thing happened to me the other day! Did you use the new Editor? I think that may be the problem.... I told Eric already, but make sure you tell him, too.

I did use the new editor. I did tell Eric, but then I retyped it from memory.

We're really sorry, guys. This bug got out past our testing, somehow. We hope to have a fix in in a few hours!

All fixed up, guys. Sorry if you lost any work.

Um....the PM is down again.....Guess I might as well tell you......

You talking about Private Messages? They seem to be working for me. I just sent you a PM; reply to this thread if you didn't get it. Reply by PM if you did...

Sympathy, but (in 20:20 hindsight), it would have been better to create the text elsewhere and then copy/paste it in.

If I was doing a vastly complex 'ible, that is what I would do. (Fortunately, most of my stuff has been, textually, quite simple.)

Now with the better writing components in FF3 I'm happy to do long stints on the browser, however out of paranoia I always copy large chunks of writing before uploading a page...

After I write a paragraph, I copy and paste it to Microsoft Word, even if Ibles saves it, because I seem to get Error 500 quite oftenly.........

If it's not the same, it doesn't matter - what you've re-typed is good.

if its not in 2 places, consider it lost.

Sound advice would probably be to type the iBle before hand in notepad and then copy paste it.

I've been doing that recently. Definitely worth it.

Whoa, that is horrible! That happened to me once, but luckily it was just the intro page, which I tend not to forget.

Tough Luck there!

Somehow even the pictures changed! The picture on step 4 turned into a different picture!