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NSURLErrorDomain error 400 when saving instructable Answered

I'm working on an instructable on my iPhone 4g (iOS 7.1) using the instructables app, and when I save it to instuctables.com I get a NSURLErrorDomain error 400 (see screenshot). I don't know which version of the app I'm running, but there are no updates available in the store so it must be the latest.

Yesterday it would randomly happen... I'd try the upload again and it would work. But now it's consistent. I'm able to save it to the device, go back and edit the version I've saved to my iPhone but I can't upload it to the site. I have killed the app, rebooted the phone, and prayed to the demo gods to no effect. I've also tried it on wireless and 3G.

I am, however, able to create a new dummy instructable and upload that, so maybe there's something up with the one I'm working on?


Thanks for letting us know. Is there any special text or formatting you are using in the project you can't upload? Any special non-English characters (fractions, symbols, etc.)?

I've submitted a bug report about this. You may be contacted by PM for more info.

I don't think so. For the most part it's just the pictures. And I even tried deleting the last couple of pictures I added just to see if that was it.

I seem to have gotten around this though. When I went to edit the instructable again I was given the option of using the local or remote version. I chose the remote version and I was able to save again.

Hi There! Sorry to hear you're having trouble publishing from iOS, but happy to hear you found a way around. It sounds to me like the instructable you were working on got out of sync somehow, but we haven't heard of that happening out in the wild. I hope you didn't loose any information in the process.

Please let us know if you experience any further trouble with it, and feel free to PM me directly, too. I may not be able to help much, but it's possible your experience can help us make sure this doesn't come up again in the future.

Thanks for being part of Instructables!