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NYC Helicopter Tour Answered

As part of a birthday gift for both of us, this past Saturday my father and I went on a helicopter tour of NYC. We have the same birthday (Sept. 20), and this was the first weekend since then that the weather was nice enough for us to go up.

The reservations were for 10 AM, so at 9:30 I left my apartment in Fort Greene, biked over the Brooklyn Bridge, and met my parents near the South Street Seaport. At the heliport (a few blocks south of the Seaport) my mom waited outside with a camera as my dad and I listened to the safety instructions and snapped on some yellow belt-style safety vests. The helicopter holds six passengers. Five unlucky riders are cramped in the back, while the sixth "chosen one" gets to sit in the copilot seat with plenty of leg room and a great view. As we were lining up to walk to the helicopter, the employee who loads the passengers pulled me aside and led me to the front seat. Once all the passengers were loaded we took off. For the entire fifteen minute trip my finger twitched furiously over my digital camera as I snapped out 233 photos (along with a couple minutes of video).

The helicopter starts off the tour heading north, does a quick U-turn before the Brooklyn Bridge, goes over Governors Island and Ellis Island, travels up the Hudson River to about 75th Street, turns around and follows the same path back. At no point does the helicopter go over any land or buildings because it is against NYC air traffic regulation. The cost of the the ride is $150 per passenger ($10 a minute for the 15 minute ride), but it is definitely worth it if you visit or live in NYC.

The brown stepped building (left on the 4th picture, middle on the 5th) houses the law firm where my dad works, and where I spent a summer in the mail room. I have some photos taken from that building in my Urban Exploration Instructable.

The full photoset can be found on flickr here.

A few sewn together clips I took with my digital camera:

The footage my dad took with my digital video camera:


I'm glad I can do this for free with flight sim. 2000
(and fly it!)

(Yes I know it's 10 years old.)

Wow, that would have been lots of fun! Happy birthday by the way. It does sound quite expencive though...

Tetranitrate said $150. For 15 minutes I don't think I'd do it unless it was like an 18th birthday 5 yrs away...

yeah, so i was close... heli's are multi-million dollar pieces of machinery... and fuel is expensive...

Has any one heard of Dick Smith stores? I'm not sure if he does anything in other countries, but in Australia he started up an electronic store that's about as big as Radio Shack I believe. I've got a friend that lives about 200 metres from his place, and he's got his own private helicoptor, kept up in an airtight shed. It's pretty cool to see him fly in!

Hehe, every 1 got really angry when he first started to fly in, he doesn't do it so often now but it's hell cool. Dick Smith looks like Steven Hawkings or Bill Gates, Which makes me laugh. And then I worked out looks might have something to with the money they got. They all look alike and they all got a spare billion up each sleave.

what about that french guy who trades stock? he's the richest man in.... the... WORLD!!!!!!!!!

French guy? Does, (just by chance,) he look like Bill Gates, Steven Hawkings or Dick Smith? Hehe, lulz I had to.

Hmmm... *thinks* *works out that thinking hurts* *stops thinking* oh well, maybe he's just an alien or something.

The fact that he may well be an alien, it could be true, that's all I'm saying.


that's like having your birthday on independence day! oh wait, MY BIRTHDAY IS ON INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!

Me and my Mother's Birthday are on the same day, only 22 years apart.

Looks like fun. Happy belated birthday.

. That sounds like a blast! I am soooooo jealous.